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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 2014 November/December

November/December 2014

Greetings from Maine, and happy holidays to all of you. It almost seems like we're wishing time Away--we do the notes for the Nov/Dec issue in the heat of the summer! Here in Kennebunk, we finally hit 90 degrees on Labor Day weekend!

Some of you may know that Jennifer Caci has been serving in the US Army these many years. She was recently promoted to Colonel and this spring she assumed command of the 47th Combat Support Hospital at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Lakewood, WA. The unit is deploying to Afghanistan next year, and that will be Jennifer's seventh combat deployment. She is looking forward to working on her farm in Guilford, NY, when she retires in a few years. Best of luck, Colonel Caci.

Denise Law LaGalia (Mahwah, NJ) writes, "June was an exciting month for us. Matthew graduated eighth grade and Catherine graduated kindergarten. The high school admissions process reminded me a little of college admissions, and naturally I thought of my great times at Cornell and the many friends I made there." Steven Davi of Amityville, NY, has recently been appointed to the Executive Leadership Committee of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Long Island. This group serves residents of Nassau and Suffolk counties who have been touched by leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma. Carey Jones Andre and her husband, Scott, live in Moraga, CA.

Rick Silva has recently accepted a teaching position at the American Int'l School of Vietnam. He will be working in Ho Chi Minh City. Jennifer Gray Moss wrote in from Houston, TX, where she lives with her husband, Brian, and their three children in first, fifth, and sixth grades. She is very busy with them and as president of the PTA. She has noted that Houston winters are nothing like Ithaca winters--although I sensed a bit of nostalgia for snow (maybe).

Dustin Moskowitz (Skillman, NJ; dmm48@ writes, "Back in March, I made a trip back to Ithaca for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for WVBR's new Collegetown studio. Allan Rousselle '90 flew in from Seattle and we drove up from New Jersey. Obviously a ton of alums were in attendance, including good friends Scott Davis and his wife Arlene Rivera Finkelstein '92. On Sunday of that weekend, Matt Kall '93 drove in from the Cleveland area, and he, Allan, and I went on air at 11 p.m. to do our old 'A Night at the Asylum' comedy show. Even after being off air for almost 20 years, we had a great response from callers, and a tremendous amount of fun reliving the old days behind a mic, playing tracks from comedians and troupes old and new. Then just a few weeks later, I met up with Alex Nussbaum '92 at the Cornell Club in NYC to hear fellow WVBR alum Kate Snow interview current Ithaca mayor Svante Myrick '09, and stayed a little too late to catch up on life with her!" Dustin adds, "Otherwise, still running a family business, requiring one or two trips to China each year; spending time raising our son in central New Jersey; and enjoying some new-found freedom after getting my motorcycle license last summer. Vroom!"

I recently spoke with some of my Cornell friends. Julie Welch Alvarez '92 lives with her family--husband Chuck and kids Andrew, Henry, and Olivia--in Fredericksburg, TX. Her oldest is looking at colleges, and we hope to meet up and help him out! Doug Fudge, MAT '92, splits his time between Guelph, ON, where he is a professor at the university, and Los Angeles, where his wife, Esta Spalding, is a screenwriter. He has a daughter, Gemma. Doug was recently famous online as the world's leading expert on hagfish slime, a truly remarkable substance. I caught up with him in Toronto and we shared a pitcher of beer, Collegetown-style. We did not talk much about hagfish slime.

Thanks to all of you who wrote in. We appreciate it! For those of you who read this column every other month, think how nice it would be to see your name in print! Send us some 411 on how your life is going, where you are, your work, your family ... whatever your passions are. Hope your holiday season brings you joy. *Wendy Milks Coburn,; Tom Greenberg,; Charles Wu,

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