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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 2001 July/August

July/August 2001

This is it! After five years, you are reading my last column! It has been a pleasure and fun to keep you updated along with my partner, Linda. If you have seen news that doesn't appear here, send the information to the new correspondents. There just may not have been enough room in this column, and we don't want to leave you out.

For this column, I received more e-mail than ever. The e-mails are just cut and pasted into this article, making it a true class effort.

Joshua Berman writes that he was married in New York City in May 2000 to Amy Kroe '94. "Both of her parents are Cornell grads, too. Groomsmen included Alan Rosenthal '92 and David Eichler '92. Also in attendance were Ted Russell and Jana (Swanson) '92. I'm currently still working at the US Attorney's Office, Southern District of New York, Criminal Division, where I have been for four years. Just tried a major RICO murder case with Daniel Gitner '92."

Howard Markus writes, "Adrienne (Freed) and I had a son, Jeremy Ethan, born in July 2000. Adrienne was working as a media planner and buyer at an advertising agency (Eric Mower & Associates), but resigned so that she could stay at home with Jeremy. I am a psychologist and the associate training director of clinical psychology in the psychiatry department at the U. of Rochester Medical Center." Debbie Etelson Mayblum wrote, '"My husband Adam and I arc delighted to announce the birth of our son Ethan, who was born on Dec. 11, '00. I am currently a pediatrician in Westchester and an assistant professor at New York Medical College."

Rob Williams writes, "I work as an editor in the equity research department of Lehman Brothers Inc., an investment bank headquartered in New York. I had been a business reporter and editor for about eight years, working in Budapest, Hungary, Mexico City, Washington, DC, and New York. My fiance and I live in Brooklyn." Rob sent the following update on fellow Cornellians: Chris Ruggio has lived in London for about seven yean working for Accenture (formerly named Andersen Consulting). He was married last year to Jackie Booth. Stephen Dyott now works for Pfizer after getting an MBA at Yale he was married last year in a great ceremony on Shelter Island. Jason Foehrenbach works for Computer Associates at its Long Island headquarters; he and wife Lesley had their first baby girl, Samantha Rose, last year. Jeff Goodman is a hotelie who works for Morton's of Chicago in mid-town Manhattan. Dan Jones got his MBA at U. of Chicago and docs computer consulting in Washington, DC. Kris Maher works in editorial at The Wall Street Journal in NewYork. And Sam Fineman is a lawyer in Philadelphia; he used to write the "Quid Rides" column for the Cornell Daily Sun.

Shelly Hood Briskin juggled the keyboard and a baby to write this: "Just thought I would update classmates on our new future Cornellian! Seth and I had a baby girl, Evelyn, on Oct. 7, '00. We are looking forward to introducing her to the sights, sounds, and faces of Cornell!"

The final e-mail came from Ernie Joynt. He wrote, "Well, for those I have been remiss in updating, I have recently moved (again). I bought a condo in Denver at the end of February and am trying to settle into the idea of having my own place. I am still doing systems and network support for the US Antarctic Program's research ships. (I'm actually in the South Atlantic on one of the ships now.) I'm spending four to six months a year on the ships, which means lots of travel. The up side of this is all the places I've been getting to. So far in the last few months it's been New Zealand, Tasmania, South Africa, and Chile."

Jason Feinsmilh wrote, "A ton of stuff has happened. I finished my MBA and MEng degrees at Stanford on Dec. 14. '00. Eleven days later (yes, Christmas Day, or as we say, the 4th day of Hanukkah) my wife Elana (Adleman) '89 brave birth to our first child, a boy named Ari Benjamin. Proud dad that I am, you can see his pictures at Given the fortunate timing, I decided to take off about four months to be a dad full-time, and I am glad we could all take that time to be together. Finally, with ants in my pants, I started a software company with a friend in mid-April. We hope for the best." Side note, Elana was one of our RAs on the fourth floor of Donlon our freshman year. Congratulations!

Sunish and Chiara Shah wrote, "Our biggest news is the birth of our son Kiran in July of 2000. Chiara started a new business around that time; she's drying wedding bouquets and framing them with wedding keepsakes in shadow boxes. Any classmates planning a wedding in the NYC/Philly area should check out her website at, She also custom designs memory shadow boxes for babies, graduations, anniversaries, and other special events. Sunish continues to work in the telecommunications industry, but is now enjoying spending time with the new baby while working out of our brand new home in Monmouth County, NJ."

From the New York Times comes this announcement, Melissa Muller Rayworth and Edward Mason Anthony IV were married at the Heinz Memorial Chapel of the U. of Pittsburgh. The couple works for The Associated Press in New York, where the bride is an administrative assistant and the bride-groom is a national correspondent. In July he will go to the agency's Beijing bureau as a correspondent. Melissa is also an actress who has appeared in Off Broadway, Off Off Broadway, television, and film productions. She graduated from Cornell and studied acting at the School for Film and Television in New York. Her husband graduated from Pennsylvania State U.

Have you all seen Kate Snow on CNN? She is terrific. And she is onto of your classmates. If you haven't seen her reporting, you really should tune in. Only watch her reports, though. After all, since I work for Fox, 1 shouldn't tell you to watch the competition at all! As I conclude my stint as class correspondent, I am still the chief meteorologist at FOX 25 News in Boston. We arc now doing an early evening newscast, as well as the 10p.m. one-hour news, If you're ever in town, check us out I'd be glad to show you around the studios in Dedham as well.

If we don't talk again soon, good luck to all of you. *Kevin Lemanowicz, 25 Fox Dr., Dedham, MA 02027-9125; e-mail, Linda Moerck_Cisz, 2 Susan Dr., Northport, NY 11768; e-mail.

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