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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 1997 July/August

If you watch "Home Improvement" on television, you are familiar with the phrase Tim Allen's wife always lays on him, "You're pathetic! " Well, when it comes to getting information to your class correspondent, I feel the same way about most of my classmates! Kidding aside, I am sure that you are all very busy and just can't find the time to drop me a line. Knowing that, I embarked on a mini-letter- writing campaign. I sent 20 letters to classmates and received one response! That one letter came from Amy Morris Reade. Life seems good for her since getting married in Sage Chapel in September 1995 in the dependable Ithaca rain. Amy is an associate in a law firm in Manhattan. She says that although she "works around the clock," she is learning a lot. The couple lives in Manhattan with two cats in an apartment "that is way too small." They escaped to Hawaii last December and loved it!

Amy and her husband attended the beautiful wedding of classmate Sarah Siedman at the top of the World Trade Center in August 1996. The cats were left at home, presumably, to guard the place. Finally, Amy was kind enough to add some information about a couple of other classmates. Sue Geringer is working in Illinois and travels quite a bit for her job. Quynh Bui '93 is getting her degree in medicine in Pennsylvania.

With the letters not flowing in, I decided to make some phone calls. I talked with old Donlonite Chris Casieri. He is in Chicago working to get grants for nonprofit organizations in the area. Chris earned his master's in social service administration in 1994 at the U. of Chicago, and is now starting work toward his MBA. He was full of information about other former Donlonites from our class. Todd Zielinski is at Duke U. finishing up his MBA. He may even be done when you read this. Dr. Andre Bourghol is working in New York City-Mt. Sinai, Chris thinks-in internal medicine, leaning toward emergency medicine. Brian Schilling is working in the Washington, DC, area for a health-care company. Andy Kimmel is in San Clemente, CA, working with biological applications of lasers. Chris says that Andy married a wonderful woman, Kristin. Chris Scinto is in Tar-ry-town, NY. He is apparently utilizing his food science degree at "Kraft or one of those food companies making powdered cappuccino or something." Before hanging up, we were wondering about a couple of our other pals from freshman year, Kevin Toledano and Eric Zarahn. If either of you read this, drop me a line. Lynn Buchwalder talked with me briefly. We keep missing each other on follow-up calls. I managed to catch that she is living in Ithaca and doing research. She is in the lab a lot and is a "late-night person." Steve Harbula and wife Danelle are living in Colorado. He is pursuing a career in sports marketing in the Denver area.

I did get a few unsolicited letters. Susan Lipetz writes that she is working for William M. Mercer in DC. Her sister, Amy Lipetz Sundet, is working at Ralston-Purina in St. Louis doing market research. Jeff Weintraub is finishing his residency in Philadelphia. Susan ran into J. Scott Berniker last summer. He was interning at Mercer Management (a sister company of the one Susan works for) and went back to Wharton for his second year of MBA work. Richard Levy wrote that he would be in Barcelona, Spain, from January to June 1997 taking courses in public administration at La Escuela Superior de Administracion y Direccion de Empresas. It is part of an exchange program sponsored by the Wagner School of Public Service at New York U. He has been working toward a master's in public administration there. Jeremy Dodds has returned to school. He is attending the Curry School of Education at the U. of Virginia, working toward a master's in teaching. He hopes to be teaching high school mathematics. Jeremy had previously worked for TRW Inc. Jill M. Cohen was married on Mar. 15, '97, at the Sea View Hotel in Bal Harbor, FL. Jill is a CPA and controller for Solair, a division of Banner Aerospace in Fort Lauderdale. FL.

Kim Rugala has graduated from Dartmouth's business school, along with another Mike Goldwasser. They hadn't even met until they got to Dartmouth. Kim also writes that of her nine housemates from senior year, three others are in business school. Jill Weisman is at the Johnson school, Elizabeth Kuo, at Harvard, and Meredith Clark Shachoy, at MIT. Ruth Ann Keene is at Cornell law; Sabrina Strickland Fertig is a medical school graduate. Kim will begin work for Andersen Consulting's strategic services practice in Boston in their managed care strategy group this fall.

Darin Feldman was in Boston in January with wife Beth. We all went to the aquarium on a brutally cold winter day. I think we spent more time in Quincy Market eating, though. Darin is now working as an insurance industry analyst for Standard & Poor on Wall Street.

Finally, in February I had the pleasure of addressing the Cornell Club of Boston's monthly networking breakfast. It was quite informal (and terribly early in the morning). I highly recommend that if you are in the Boston area, you should find time to attend this or other club events. In fact, all of you should find a way to connect to Cornell in some way. I am actually grateful in a way that many of you didn't write to me, because it forced me to renew some old contacts. I hope some of you will do the same. Send me all those letters, cards, notes,... and gifts.Kevin Lemanowicz, 2 Whitelawn Ave., Milton, MA 02186.

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