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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 2011 May/June

May/June 2011

Our 20th Reunion is right around the corner! Join hundreds of our classmates on the Hill, June 9-12, for a weekend you will never forget. Register now at: No doubt there will be great stories to share afterwards thanks to the amazing weekend planned by our co-chairs Jeff Weintraub, MD '95, and Dorine Colabella Scher and class president Bob Baca.

Jeff and Cindy Miller Mason celebrated their fifth anniversary. Cindy looks forward to reconnecting with ChemE grads and everyone else at reunion. The market for chemists and chemical engineers has changed so much since 1991, Cindy wants to hear how (and what) others are doing. Despite moving to Cambridge, England, Tim Menasveta is still planning to attend reunion. So is John Kang, MBA '96, with his wife and kids, ages 7 and 3. He works in financial management for the McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. in NYC and also does some teaching. Susan Lipetz Brown writes the notes for her grad school class and was kind enough to share an update. She works at Siemens Corp. as the director of compensation for the US and is trying to juggle life in NYC, work, and sons Stephen, 3, and Max, 1. According to Susan, "I'm hoping to make it to reunion, especially since I haven't connected with many Cornellians in the last year!"

Otto Pohl is a Sloan Fellow at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford concentrating on clean technologies. Mark and Karen Suarez Griffith '93 were married in 2000 and have a daughter, Kendra Rose, 3. They moved from Winchester, VA to Seattle in 2005. Mark is a project manager at Boeing. Rob and Seema Mital Kubarek live in Palm Harbor, FL. with their two sons, ages 6 and 3. Seema is a pediatrician, and Rob is a pilot with Southwest Airlines and a reservist for the Air Force. They connected with Alysia Leavitt in Santa Fe for a ski trip. Carolyn Richmond celebrated 40th birthdays with friends at the Borgata in Atlantic City, noting, "it took two years of juggling schedules, but all eight managed to put careers, kids, and husbands on hold for 48 hours." Claudia Novinsky Liff still works for Procter & Gamble in Ohio. Sharon Kaufman Moreland practices law. She and Susan Segalowitz Bernbach live in New Jersey. NYC residents included Carolyn, Tracy Stemple, MS '93, and pediatrician Karyn Ginsberg McConnell. Karen Rosenberg Rothenberg '92 and Amy Carver Andrus '92 came from Westchester. Fun was had by all.

Linda Doerrer enjoys academic life as an assistant professor of chemistry at Boston U. Teaching 18-year-olds keeps her mentally flexible and provides tremendous job satisfaction. Lisa Dale is the legislative program manager for the Colorado Division of Wildlife. She has two teenage boys and regularly sees Debbie Fine, Jenny Harris, Shar Carter Heslam, Kara Niles, Kari Ginsberg Nesbit, Kris Hurley Van Riper, Cynthia Lee Dow, and Kristen Sciacca. They all plan to attend reunion! Arlene and Greg Stoller reside in Boston with their three children. Arlene is an educator at a regional hospital and is pursuing her master's in nursing. Greg runs a commercial real estate company and has been teaching MBA students for ten years in the Boston area. He hopes to see everyone at reunion! Also in academia, Kathryn Rudy writes, "I am a scholar of late medieval manuscripts (14th-15th centuries) and developed a new method of measuring what people read in the period: I use a densitometer to measure the dirt in the margins of medieval manuscripts. My new article on this topic received more than 500 hits in its first week and I'll be lecturing on the topic in London, Cambridge, Jerusalem, and Ghent. In January 2011 I will join the faculty of the U. of St. Andrews in Scotland."

Cavarly Berwick Garrett lives in Montclair, NJ. with husband Michael and girls Avery, 9, and Brynn, 6. She is an asset manager for commercial real estate with JP Morgan, and Michael is a stay-at-home dad trying to keep his sanity when the girls get too girly and giddy. Cavarly remains connected with Susan Lyons, who visited from D.C. with daughters Helen and Paige, and Kathryn Lancioni Sachs '92, who visits NYC monthly from Rochester. She also saw Laura Miller Moody at a crew race outside Philadelphia where Laura rowed a mixed eight for the first time since Cornell. Alarik Myrin is making a major shift from a traditional commercial cattle ranch to all-natural grassfed beef ( He and wife Staci have kids in three different schools, two of which are big rivals. Staci and Annika, 13, accompanied Alarik on a hunting trip to South Africa last year. "All three of us hunted and each took record-book trophies." Carrie Koenig (Carrie Koenngyahoo. com; has been in Telluride, Co, for nearly 20 years working as a real estate broker and running her own vacation rental.

Jessica Lifland, BFA '92, was photographing in Haiti and the Dominican Republic last summer. Some of her work from Haiti is online at She worked with Operation Smile, a medical mission organization that performs surgeries on children with cleft lips/palettes and other facial deformities around the world. Wow! Jim Wilcox provided enough updates for a full column after attending the wedding of Mark Bellantoni and Anna-maria Dalton in Saratoga in September. Emily and Lee Winters live in Batavia. NY, with their three kids. Lee runs his own feed business. Scott Nichols lives in Warsaw, NY, with wife Jodie and two kids, and has his own practice as a chiropractor. Bill Peck has three kids and runs a premium dairy in Schuylerville, NY. He is also very involved in local politics. Joe Moran works for Morgan Stanley in White Plains and refuses to leave NYC. Mark Bellantoni is a fireman in Westchester County. All of them plan to attend reunion ... along with Jim.

John, MAT '92, and Diana Liu Munger '90 stopped by Jim's ice cream stand after biking around Cayuga Lake. They have two girls and live in Minneapolis, where Diana is a doctor and John is an attorney. They had a great night catching up after 20 years. Per Jim, "John and I were roommates during our sophomore year. Diana looks like she stepped out of 1990. "Lisa Epstein Jay swung through town to say hello with her three kids. She is a preschool teacher at a private school in NYC. Denise Doyle Esmeralda also visited the Finger Lakes. She and husband Alex live in Connecticut and she works for GE. Scott Zittel opened his own wound care clinics in Redding and Chico, CA. He celebrated 18 years of marriage with Vickie this year and has two girls. Andy Boerman runs the Ithaca Agway. He and Marna have two daughters. During the season, Jim can still be found at Cream at the Top, located 25 miles north of Ithaca on the east side of the lake. Jim shared that he married Cindy two years ago. She was at IC when we were at Cornell ... it just took him 15 years to find her after they both left Ithaca. Running the store is a job that seems like a vacation! Thanks for sharing your news. As always, we look forward to hearing from you. Hope to see you at reunion! *Kathryn Kraus Bolks,; Sharlyn Carter Heslam,; Ariene Schreiber Horn,

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