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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 1994 May/June

May 1994

Spring is in the air and here's the latest news from our classmates. For immediate release: Dave DeCecco has been hired as the director of public relations for the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). After receiving his master's in sport management from the U. of Massachusetts, Amherst, Dave served in the sports information department at Western KentuckyU. before being hired by the AAU. Other news from the press--literally--Rob Williams is associate editor of a start-up English-language business newspaper in Budapest called the Budapest Business Journal, which he helped some friends start. Rob reported another '91er, Jill Weisman, worked for the Business Journal for seven months before returning to Los Angeles.

J. Madeleine Gibson also wrote, relieved to be finished with graduate school at Johns Hopkins U. and pleased with her job with the Goodman Group, a political media consulting firm based in Baltimore. Paul Caplan is a conference producer at International Business Communication Inc. in Southborough, MA, where he works with Leslie Kelly O'Donnell '89. Nancy Sheng is a food scientist at Steuben Foods Inc. in Jamaica, NY. While Stephen (with a ph) George is a consultant at Andersen Consulting in Columbus, OH, Steven (with a v) Goodweather is at Andersen Consulting in Atlanta, GA. Abbe Goldberg is in the Windy City working as an assistant front office manager at Le Meridien Chicago Hotel. Eric Hannay is a manufacturing engineer at Hannay Reels in Westerlo, NY, after finishing a six-year BS/MEng/MBA program at Cornell in May 1993.

David Burrows works at Dunham Marcus International in New York City and he wrote about a mini-reunion over steaks at Smith & Wollensky. Anthony Antonucci, who is working as a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley, was there, along with alumni from other classes. Meanwhile, Loren Bosies is serving as restaurant manager at Palm Restaurant in Philly, Cecile Belaman is senior associate at Hospitality Valuation Services in Mineola, NY, and Michelle Bayuk is a marketing coordinator at Scholastic Inc. in NYC. David Farbaniec is also working in NYC in publishing at Lyons & Burford, an outdoor sports, recreation, and nature-related publisher. Heather Atwood is a stockbroker at Paine Webber in Boston, after moving last year from their office in Seattle.

Still braving the academic life, Ted Mason is still a medical student in Vermont, Sonja White Schuster is in business school at Eastern Michigan U., and Michael Maltenfort is a math graduate student at the U. of Chicago. Michael mentioned he sometimes bumps into Laura Panko and Dina Newman, who are also studying at Chicago. Back at our alma mater, Richard Vaia is in the materials science and engineering department, Paula Burdett is a lab technician and finishing her MBA at the Johnson School of Management, while Jacquelyn Arns is at the Vet college.

Kirk Blaschke is in the MArch program at Rice U. He reported that Sarge Gardiner is also studying architecture, at the U. of Pennsylvania, Penney Stringer is at Georgetown medical school, and Hilleary Cusack is working in Washington, DC for National Life. Meanwhile, Mindy Blitzer is working on her master's in physical therapy at the U. of Miami medical school, Meg Chen is working on finishing her master's in nutrition education at Immaculata College and reports that former roommate and friend Arlene Hwang is working toward her PhD in molecular biology at the U. of Pennsylvania. Katherine Chan is pursuing a master's in public policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard U., Robert Weiner is in a PhD program in political science at Princeton U., and Stephanie Fulmer is a PhD candidate in human genetics at Johns Hopkins U. along with classmate Maggie Biel. Liz Henry is in med school at Wayne State U. in Detroit, MI. Liz said she saw Rob Hill, R.C. "Chuck" Kemper, Matt Myer, and Dave Kurtz at the Kentucky Derby in 1993 and "had a great time!"

We'll have more news, including mention of some classmates already in the workforce, in coming issues.

Hey, Felicia Grumet, remember that time we met in the subway and you told me you were engaged? Well, now I can print news of your marriage! Felicia and Mitchell Levine were married on Oct. 31, '93 in Cedarhurst, Long Island. She works in NYC as a senior associate at Deloitte & Touche. Other wedding news: Shannon Bessette was married to Petty Officer Michael Talton on July 3, '93 in Chateaugay, NY. Cornellians who attended included Janet Hufnagel, Christopher J. Conway, and Kim Scamman. Currently, Shannon explains, she is in the Adirondack Mountains, "snowbound," conducting research for her master's in anthropology with the U. of Oklahoma.

Thanks for all your news, and please don't forget to write again. *Melanie Bloom, 401 E. 80th St., Apt. #24D, NYC 10021.

June 1994

Welcome to this month's column. I"m afraid that the well has run dry, and most of this information was gleaned from last year's News and Dues forms. Once again, I will repeat my eternal plea--if you have news of yourself or some of our classmates, please write! It is the only way I can provide you with relatively recent news throughout the year. One classmate who did write is Robert J. Weiner. Robert is now working on his PhD in politics at Princeton, after working two years for an environmental consulting firm. Robert writes that he saw Dave Clarke, who is working for Princeton U. Catering, at the International Spirit of Zinck's Night last fall. Other Cornellians in his department are Shinju Fujihira '93 and Solomon Karmel '87.

I recently received a News and Dues form from Piers Barker, who is in medical school in New York City. Piers writes that he and Kirsten Johnston '92 were married June 12, '93 on Long Island. Cornellians in the wedding party included Monisha Mehra, Kristin Baird, Debbie Snoonian, Jason Waxman '93, and Steve Kalik '94. Congratulations to Piers and Kristin on behalf of our entire class!

Besides Piers, Stephen G. Schwartz is a medical student in NYC, at New York U. Liz Collard is also studying at NYU, although she is studying law. Liz spent last summer working at a NYC law firm. Several other classmates around the country are still in school. Howard W ang and Sheryl Reinecke completed their clinical rotation together at Johns Hopkins medical school. Amy Morris is a law student in Bloomington, IN, and worked in Louisville, KY, last summer as a law clerk. Michael Santisi is at John Marshall law school in Chicago after spending two years skiing in the Vail Valley.

Ivan Arzola is working on his master's degree in engineering management at Polytechnic U. of Puerto Rico during the evenings, while working as an engineer with the Puerto Rico Telephone Co. by day. Classmates who have also ended up far from Cayuga's waters include Andrew Galligan, who has been working for an investment banking firm in Lausanne, Switzerland since last August and expects to return to this country at the end of this summer. Andrew has also been enjoying the skiing. Darcy Andrew spent the last two years managing the Temple U. bookstore in Tokyo before returning to the US last fall to enter the Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Inst. of Technology. Darcy traveled to Thailand and Burma while working in Japan. Finally, Robert Dunlap, a chemical engineer, was living in northeastern China at last report, after a trip to Mongolia.

Most classmates remain in the US, and many of them on the East Coast. Jeff Davis, a computer consultant, moved from New Jersey to Washington, DC to begin work with a different firm. Jeff writes that classmates Steve Feinleib and R. David Roach are also in or around DC, along with John A. Kelly '89, James Berner '90, and Jeff Goldstein '90. Jeff Carver is now in Philadelphia working on therapeutic pharmaceuticals for treatment of brain injuries, strokes, epilepsy, etc. Jeff is also working on his MBA part time.

As one might expect, the New York metropolitan area (broadly defined) is home to many classmates. Betsy Tarn is the administrative assistant to the associate directors for special gifts at Barnard College. Mark Hiddessen is the assistant manager of the Quality Inn in Plainview (on Long Island, and my hometown). Richard Coombe is an assistant general manager with a cable TV system in Middletown, NY. Bonnie Greenspan is a clinical nutritionist at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC, and recently became a registered dietitian. And, finally, Vanessa Hicks is a corporate trainer with The New York Times magazine group, which controls publications such as McCalls, Family Circle, and Child.

Whew, I"m surprised I could write that much. As I said at the beginning of the column, I rely on you to keep me informed of what's happening in everyone's lives. Your letters don't need to be long, and they don't need to be works of literature. A few lines now and again to keep our classmates posted would do just fine, and I would genuinely appreciate the effort. Thank you for your support. *Howard Stein, 600 Warren Rd., #3-2D, Ithaca, NY 14850; (607) 257-3922.

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