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Class Notes, 2012 November/December

November/December 2012

It's challenging to write for the holiday season when it's 90 degrees outside! This time of year I'm reminded of the summers I spent working in Ithaca and the afternoons in the gorges and on the lake. And working doubles in restaurants to pay for road trips. It seems like yesterday. Have you all figured out yet that we're old? I'm still waiting to be convinced; my time at Cornell was just a blink of an eye ago.

Consistent with previous columns, it seems our class balances work and life on a razor's edge--and on both coasts and in a few different time zones. Lewis Wheeler started a new theatre company in Wellfleet, MA, on Cape Cod. Visit, or better yet, drop by and see a performance. Anna Doyno Tague (Orinda, CA) writes that Maria "Cha-Cha" del Mar Ortiz Fournier hosted a get-together in Bahia, Puerto Rico, where several '91 women rested and relaxed. Meg Heaney Wise, Kirsten Blau Krohn, Stacey Neren Lender, Lori Attanasio Woodring, Jodi Rogoff Gonzalez, Debi Epstein Fried, and Anna all attended. She had a blast.

Benjamin Goody is living large with wife Edith and their infant daughter. There's nothing like that first year! Carolyn Torras Warszawski, ME '94, and husband Tom live in E. Amherst, NY. Amy Gellert Lebovitz reports that she spends much of her time running after her kids, which is excellent training for the half-marathons that she pursues as a hobby. She'd love to hear from any of her buddies. Noel Matos lives in Switzerland these days. Maria Tillis Connor, husband Eric '90, and their two girls moved to Katy, TX, in January. They are enjoying their new home and life in Texas. Speaking of Texas, Julie Welch Alvarez and husband Chuck are raising two fine sons and a beautiful daughter in Fredericksburg. It's a beautiful part of the world, a budding wine country, and carpeted with wildflowers early every spring.

Jit Singh made it to Reunion in 2011 with his daughter and son. He enjoyed the family activities, but was especially psyched to see Chowder play. Danny Espinoza and wife Lisa Trovato '93 moved from D.C. to San Mateo, CA, with their daughter, Eva. Doug Fudge, MAT '92, is on sabbatical from the U. of Guelph, in Ontario. He and wife Esta and their daughter Gemma are in Los Angeles for a year of artistic exploration and scientific collaboration. Hope they don't get too used to the weather!

Lee Winters would love to hear from Jeri Maerz Rippon '92, Tommy Lee '89, and Adam Langworthy. Agnna Varinia Guzman writes that she's relocated to Irvine, CA, in May 2012. She's still practicing business immigration law and loving it. Barbara Wilinsky Selznick (Tucson, AZ) writes, "I spend my time teaching at the U. of Arizona, driving my kids around, and re-learning elementary school math. We had a great summer: went to Mexico for a family vacation; Beaver Creek, CO, for a week of violin camp with my daughter; and New York to visit my parents. Would love to be back in Mexico!"

Lastly, Tamar Cohen writes that she is hard at work using both her degree from Cornell (BS in Computer Science) and her MFA from George Mason. Tamar works at NASA Ames Research Center in the Intelligent Robotics Group, where she writes software to help with planetary exploration. Her work supports the development of remote operation rovers. She is a survivor of cancer, having been diagnosed at age 27, and is working at keeping a healthy balance of work and life.

So our theme comes full circle ... We are all looking for that balance between our work and our personal lives. I truly hope you find it in 2013--and that the holiday season brings you good cheer and peace. Best of luck in the New Year, and if you have a moment, please think of your poor class correspondents who write these columns--which are more interesting the more news we receive! Our class's annual News and Dues appeal should arrive this fall. Send your news anytime! *Wendy Milks Coburn,; Tom Greenberg,; Charles Wu,

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