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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 2005 March/April

March/April 2005

Greetings from the farm! I'm sure that you all have your calendars marked for our upcoming 15th Reunion in 2006! Our reunion chairpersons Dorine Colabella Scher and Jeff Weintraub, MD '95, are busy planning the weekend and would like to extend the invitation to all Class of '91 members to volunteer ideas, time, or manpower toward this effort. You can contact Dorine or Jeff at

Dorine reports that other than 15th Reunion work, she is thoroughly enjoying running her own Pampered Chef business from home. Dorine is currently a senior director and trainer with the company and last year was ranked number 17 out of 71,000 sales consultants in the company. "I love it because it allows me to put my children first while still earning a full-time income." Lynn Schechter and her husband Issam El-Zahr have been living in Baton Rouge, LA, with their children Leah, 2, and Leo, 9 months, for the past couple of years. Lynn, who received a PhD in psychology from Columbia, has a private practice located at the Drusilla Clinic in Baton Rouge. Lynn writes: "It's definitely a change living in the South, but we much prefer the mild winters to the freezing cold and hectic pace of New York! I still miss Cornell though ... "

Daniel Marein-Efron has recently started a website,, and produced a video on conservative treatments for plantar fasciitis--known to you and me as heel pain. Daniel writes that while training for the New York City Marathon in 2002, he developed plantar fasciitis, a very painful condition resulting from overstress of the band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. Daniel's video provides proper instruction for stretching, icing, and extra foot support techniques to help treat plantar fasciitis and avoid painful, expensive, and invasive medical treatments for this debilitating condition.

David Clarke announced the birth of Elliot Kenyon Robert Clarke on March 8, 2004. David and his girlfriend Christie Freeman are living in Jersey City, where David works as a general manager with Restaurant Associates at Citigroup. Allison Crandall Armieri is living in Chapel Hill, NC, and announced the birth of her third child, Mia Jean, on June 6, 2003. Mia joins brother Dallas, born April 4, 1999, and sister Emma, born November 28, 2000.

Kathryn Pruzinsky married Frank Macaulay '86 in La Jolla, CA. Kathryn is an assistant clinical professor of reproductive medicine at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. She received her medical degree from Emory U. Elizabeth Starkman married Eric Mischel at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. Elizabeth is a vice president of account management for the Intermedia Advertising Group, which evaluates the effectiveness of television advertising and product placement. She received her MBA from Duke. The New York Times reported that Elizabeth and Eric met through an online dating service. All went well on their first date, though just before their second date, Elizabeth got sick and had to cancel. The deal was clinched when Eric walked ten blocks in the rain to bring Elizabeth some chicken noodle soup.

Stephen Turner married Taryn Baff at the Yale Club in New York. Stephen is the chief of general pediatrics at Long Island College Hospital and assistant professor of pediatrics at the SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn. He received his medical degree from New York U. Kathryn Pierson married Stephen Lundin on August 21, 2004 on St. Simons Island, GA. Kathryn is a financial planning director at Cablevision Systems Corporation in Bethpage. She received her MBA from the U. of Pennsylvania. *Nina Rosen Peek,; Dave Smith,; and Corinne Kuchling,

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