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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 1999 November/December

November/December 1999

Happy holidays to all of you! E-mailers get first priority this time, since I finally did get some. I have too much information, as is always the case after dues payment time; so, if your info didn't make it, nothing personal. I'll include it next time. We also have a limited allotment in this issue, so more of you need to subscribe!

John C. and Lisa Munter Clarke wrote: "It's been an exciting year for us. We had Nicholas Munter Clarke in November! John graduated from Penn with a master's in architecture in May, and we moved back to San Francisco in June." An old pal, fraternity brother, and debater extraordinaire James Dumas, MS Ag '95, wrote: "I am living in Cambridge, England, with my fiancée Jennifer Hoblitzell '93. I left my teaching job at Gonzaga U. last year to join her in a search for jobs abroad, and before I had even finished moving to San Francisco (where she was working for Cornell), she had been offered a development job here. She's working for New Hall, one of the colleges of Cambridge U., and I've started my own web design business. The fun news is that we've been able to do a lot of traveling in the time that we have been here and have been fortunate enough to join up with or be visited by many Cornell friends. At the end of June, Eric, MBA '99, and Susie Curtis Schneider visited us in Cambridge. Last week we joined Jim Hilsenteger '88, BS Eng '89, in London for dinner and drinks. In July we joined Danielle "Dana" Pasqualone, PhD '96, and Tom O'Brien, PhD '94, in the Champagne region of France. This weekend we are getting together with Jeremy Rosen '93 and Jody Kruger '90, JD '93, in London."

Michele K. Fox met up with college roommates Laura E. Brickmeier and Sheryl Reinecke Silva for dinner. She also witnessed the graduation of Arthur J. Brohinsky from Harvard Business School. Heard from another old pal, and fellow meteorologist, Evan Eldridge. Evan is working at the U. of Miami in Key Biscayne, FL, on the ocean, "watching manatees swim by." Sounds like an easy job. Small world. I had an intern this summer from U. of Miami who actually knew Evan. Evan also writes that he is in a private business with another Cornell meteorologist, Simon Atkins. OK, Evan, Simon, and me; that's 60 percent of the Class of '91 meteorology majors. The others are Tony Cristaldi and Gary Wojcik.

Former Donlonite Todd Zielinski married Anne Jureidini last October in Atlanta, GA. Cornellians attending were Brian Schilling, Janese Bechtol, Chris Casieri, Chris Scinto, MS Ag '95, Don Printy, Brian Sachar, and Stan Borinski '90, BA '91. Several of these guys made up one of the most incredible intramural basketball teams in Cornell history. Another former Donlonite, Vicki L. June, DVM '95, is working for a brand new veterinary hospital/referral center, Center for Veterinary Care, in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Stephen Schwartz finished his residency in ophthalmology at New York U. He has started a fellowship in vitreoretinal surgery at Baylor. Stephen was also in Fort Lauderdale, FL, for a conference, and he and wife Melanie Rebak '90 attended the 30th birthday party of J. Amy Seegal Kutell. Amy's husband, Ben Kutell, is national director of marketing for Vertilux Ltd. in Miami. Amy and Ben had their first child, a boy named Jonah, in January. Becky E. Levine has a new job in research and development at Mitek Products in Westwood, MA. She has caught up with Kris L. Billiar and Jeff Loiter in Boston. Elizabeth Mirabile-Levens began a fellowship at Boston U. in pulmonary and critical care. This after finishing her residency (chief resident) in internal medicine at New York U. Medical Center/Bellevue Hospital. She and husband Doug Levens '92 are now living in Newton, MA.

Christine M. Boness was married in May to James Whitman in Salem, MA. Kate A. Pierson, Tim Wells, Steve Brueckner, Derek Winokur, Carl Howard, and Mimi M. Ka were all classmates in attendance. She writes that Tim Wells is back in the states after "wandering" around Europe for seven years. Doug Fambrough and Kim Moy were married in Honolulu, HI, in January. Rick Field moved back to the states after four years in Europe. He is the managing director of a German software company based in Boston. Also in Beantown, Paul Hayre joined the Parthenon Group, a strategic consulting firm. Matthew R. Sherman and Kathleen Gapp had a baby girl in May, Elizabeth Grace. She is already sporting a Cornell sweater, t-shirt, hat, and socks! Susan Skoglund Young gave birth to her first baby, Abbie Amelia, last December.

Here's this writing's most intriguing response. Rachel Teck writes that she is a "volunteer services coordinator at the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation by day, and a pirate's wife and bewitched woman by night. She, of course, is referring to a historical performance she does at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. Rachel danced into Trevor Morris in a contra dance at the Spanish Ballroom in Glen Echo Park, MD.

We just celebrated our son Conor's second birthday. He is my pride and joy! A surprise 30th birthday party was thrown for my wife and me in July. Our real birthdays are in November and December. Darin Feldman and wife Beth were there with new daughter, Rebecca. Rod Gallagher '90 and wife Debbie were also there, as well as Noah Bilmes '88 with wife Nancy and their boys, Matthew and Isaac. I just signed a new deal with Fox 25 here in Boston to continue as chief meteorologist into the millennium. Have a happy new year, Y2K! *Kevin Lemanowicz, 3 Byron's Way, Franklin, MA 02038; e-mail,

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