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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 1991 July/August

July 1991

Wow! Here we are as alumni. Even though it's only a month since we graduated, our class is beginning to spread out quite a bit. Andrew Stifel, a brother at Alpha Delt, writes that he will be pursuing his master's in politics at Oxford U. Christine Claypoole also will be going overseas, with the Peace Corps. Christine hopes to be in Africa. Several members of our class will be in the Far East. Simon Atkins, who studied atmospheric sciences, will be moving to Tokyo this summer. He has a "wonderful" job there involving appearances on both TV and radio. Two members of our class, Gerald Lee and David Toh, will be returning home to Singapore. Both want to return to school for their MBAs eventually.

A number of our classmates will already be in the San Francisco area for the Cornell-Stanford football game and 125th Anniversary celebration next fall. Nicole Trotter will be at Stanford for a year before going into the Air Force, while Michelle Travis is going to Stanford law school. Laura Miller and Katherine Arkebauer both have jobs in the area. Laura is going to be working for Milne Construction, while Kacie has a job at Chevron USA in Richmond. We'll have a bunch of representatives in the Midwest, as well. William Park plans to spend three months in Korea before attending U. of Michigan medical school in the fall. Joan Kochan also plans to travel, to Europe, and then pursue a master's in food engineering at the U. of Wisconsin, Madison. Three classmates write that they will be at the U. of Chicago: Michael Maltenfort has a National Science Foundation fellowship to pursue a PhD in mathematics, Laura Panko will be studying in the organismal biology and anatomy department, and Sarah Walkling will be studying international relations.

Of course, not everyone is going so far from the Hill. It sounds as if Kevin Covert has an interesting setup in Washington, DC. He'll be working for the State Department for six months, then for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace for six months before returning to graduate school. John Heimlich will also be in DC, working as a business systems analyst for American Management Systems there. Suzanne Ryan, who co-captained the women's gymnastics team, will be pursuing a master's in demography at Georgetown, and I'll also be in the area, studying computer science at the U. of Maryland, College Park.

As expected, quite a few members of the Class of '91 are going to be in the Northeast. Kyle Yang reports that he will backpack through Europe this summer before going to MIT on a National Science Foundation fellowship. Lara Krupka also plans to go to Europe, then to Harvard for immunology. She'll join David Roberts, who will be at medical school there. Other classmates in the Boston area are Michelle Gans, who will be working for Price Waterhouse while pursuing an MBA at Boston U v and Barbara Glickman and Andrew Rochester, who will both be at BU's law school.

Several of our classmates will be back on the Hill next fall. Curtis Ellett will be volunteering at the Cornell excavation in Halai, Greece, this summer before returning to Ithaca as a graduate student in archaeology.

Debbie Sniderman will be working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory this summer, then return to Cornell for her master of engineering degree. Cyndilee Freeman will be studying law and public policy, and Pamela Bluestone and Andrew Newman will both be in the Vet college come fall. Many members of our class are off to seek their fortunes in the Big Apple. These include Amy Kurzman and Amy Low, who are both going to Spain and Portugal before beginning work as financial analysts with Goldman, Sachs, and Co. Ejnar Knudsen will be in a training program with Rabobank Nederland, and says that his job will involve "a lot of travel" once the training is finished. As for grad schools, Brian Yuh will be at Columbia medical and Loren Rosenberg will be at Cardozo for law.

Many of you wrote that you are interested in keeping up with the events on campus. In later issues, I'll try to include some Cornell happenings to keep you informed. Also, if you have news about campus or any classmates, SEND IT IN. We always enjoy hearing about our fellow Cornellians, and we'll need material for future columns.

Before I go, I'd like to recognize our elected class officers. These people will be working hard to keep our class involved, so feel free to contact them if you have any ideas or questions. They are: President Tom Murray; Vice President John Vega; Treasurer Christian Loew; Secretary Elisabeth "Betsy" Starkman. That's all for now. I'll see you in a few months. Howard Stein, 11 Judith St., Plainview, NY 11803; also Melanie Bloom, 25293 Bridgeton Dr., Beachwood, Ohio 44122; and Jeffrey Anbinder, 312 Highland Rd., Ithaca, NY 14850.

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