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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 2001 March/April

Can you believe it? Our 10th Reunion is coming soon. It is scheduled for Thursday to Sunday, June 7-10, 2001! Will you be there? There's a whole section of the new Class of 1991 website dedicated to Reunion 2001. At the site you'll find everything you need to know about the festivities. It is updated all the time, so check back frequently. I am writing this in December--I hope your holiday season was wonderful.

I received an e-mail from Jeremy Dodds, ME C '92, last summer. He wrote, "I am living on Cape Cod now and working as a high school math teacher. I got married last summer (1999). Her name is Kristin and she teaches at the same high school." Andrew Puzzio, MPA '92, e-mailed this update: "Aidan Kyle Puzzio, was born on Oct. 4, '00." Maybe we're looking at a member of the Class of 2022! Liza Cohen makes her Class Notes debut this month with this e-mail: "I wanted to share that I got married in September to William Tillinghast. Cornellians at the wedding included: Sarah Walkling, Susan Lyons, Scott Rix, Beth Kravchuck Hensel '92, Wendy Griffen Valente '92, Karen Hovorka '92, and Kevin Lyons '92. We are living in Manhattan where I am the director of business development at a B2B Internet company called MaritimeDirect." Good to hear from someone new! Thanks, Liza!

Jennifer Leeds and Rob Hess e-mailed this happy news: "Our son, Tjaden Adam (Recognize the name? Next time you're standing in front of Sibley, look to the left!) turned two in October! We get to see Julie Voveris a lot. Rob is at BioTrove, the biotech company where he is vice president of business development. I'm finishing up my postdoc at Harvard Med and hope to be hired soon! I spent the last four years hanging out with George O'Toole '88, as he was postdocing across the hall! We speak to Amy (Lawrence) and Alex Flueck, PhD '96, a lot and got to see them and their son Ian this summer in Ithaca (where they were attending the wedding of Jamie Dumas, MS Ag '95). We spend a lot of time in Ithaca, as my mother recently married EE professor Terry Fine! " Lucinda Rosenfeld also makes her big Notes debut this month. She e-mailed the following: "Hi! This is my first time writing in. I live in Brooklyn, NY, am (gasp) unmarried and childless, own no property, have not woken up via an alarm clock in many years, and am quite happy, thank you. What else? In September, after five years of hard labor, my first novel, What She Saw... , was published by Random House. Which is to say, please buy a copy! It's basically a dark comedy about all the guys in one girl's life, beginning in fifth grade and continuing into her 25th year. Currently in its second printing, the book was excerpted in the New Yorker magazine in early July, and got great reviews everywhere from Vogue to the LA Times to "All Things Considered" on NPR. Meanwhile, Miramax has purchased the film rights; with any luck, the movie will be in production by early 2002. It's been an interesting year. That's about it. Not sure if I'll get to Reunion or not. I've just started a new novel. I don't miss college."

Some happy news from Carolyn Richmond: "Sharon Kaufman and Dan Moreland were married at the Puck Building in New York City on Sept. 24, '00. (To further the Cornell theme, the rehearsal dinner was held at the Cornell Club.) In attendance was Debbie Rogow Silverstein, Karyn Ginsberg, Tracy Stemple, MS Ag '93, Karen Rosenberg '92, Susan Segalowitz Bernbach, Wyatt Gotbetter, MPA '92, Jon Fisher, Amy Carver '90, and best man George Brenlla '92. Sharon has also become a named law partner in Schoenfeld, Moreland & Reiter, PC, in Shrewsbury, NJ, while Dan continues to practice labor law in NYC. Meredith Clark Shachoy e-mailed, "Just went to Elizabeth Kuo's wedding in NYC. It was quite an affair with many different events focused around food. The reception was at the Rainbow Room and just beautiful. Other Class of '91 in attendance: Krissy Hurley, Heather Bracher, Jill Weisman, MBA '97, Sabrina Strickland, Hilary Morse Carver, Elleke Monster Haggerty, and Richard Fertig. It was great to see everyone and we all had a wonderful time. The bride and groom are off to Hawaii! "

Michael Reading, ME M '92, wrote, "I was married on July 15, '00 to Christine Mansfield in Worcester, MA. Many friends and family from Cornell were able to make the trip to attend the wedding. Cornell alumni in attendance were Craig Bloom, BS Eng '93, Will and Chika Akera Dow, Eric "Ersk" Jones '93, Rich Kowalczyk, David "Norm" Kroll, Deb Reading Leuffen '85, Jon "Tablewine," '94, ME CS '95, and Jen Pierson Logan '95, Will '89, MBA '92, and Diane Holynski Neafsey, ME I '92, Doug Pascale, ME I '92, Joe (Michael J.), ME I '92, and Beth Livolsi Riordan '92, Pat (Herrington) and Skip Singley, both '55, Andy Vitolins '93, and Jeff, MD '95, and Robyn Lipsky Weintraub. A fun time was had by all and we closed the evening by singing the Cornell "Alma Mater." After a wonderful honeymoon in Hawaii, we are living in our new house in West Newbury, MA." The Worcester Sunday Telegram added that Christine is a graduate of Boston College and received a master's degree in teaching from Simmons College in Boston. She is a fifth grade teacher at the Bagnall School in Groveland, MA. Michael works for in Lexington, MA, as a technology consultant.

Jill Cohen-Garcia wrote that she gave birth to a son on Sept. 13, '00. His name is Ryan Joseph. Congratulations! Joel Freundlich, MC CH '92, and wife Karen "most joyfully" welcomed their daughter Grace into the world on Sept. 8, '00. She is their first child and is keeping them quite busy with her many talents. Joel, Karen, and Grace reside in Princeton, NJ, where Joel works for a biotech company. Karen is a full-time mom/part-time consultant. Grace plays with her teddy bear Ezra given to her by godfather Roddy Shuler." Sargent Gardiner was married to Aimee Nassau in Washington, CT. Sargent is an architect with Robert A.M. Stern Architects in New York. He earned a master's from Penn. Aimee is a Dartmouth College and Fordham Law School graduate. She is an associate at Friedman, Wang, & Bleiberg in New York. Marc Paul married Nancy Furman in Mamaroneck, NY, on Sept. 17, '00. Marc went on to get a law degree at Penn after Cornell. Nancy went to Yale (we forgive), followed by Harvard Law. Both are associates at Washington law firms.

Fellow meteorology major Gary Wojcik e-mailed me recently. Here is some of what he had to say: "I am still in graduate school. For my dissertation, I am studying how weather conditions influence curing concrete on bridge decks, over the first four days after it is poured. If the temps get too high, the concrete can crack and will be generally weaker. I've taken endless good-natured ribbing about this as part of my research was to go to bridges that are being poured and monitor for four days--its kind of like watching paint dry or grass grow. I actually do like this project a lot because it is a practical problem. I had left school for about a year and worked as a fund-raiser for an environmental group, and also worked for an archaeologist for a while--this job was really cool! I decided I wanted to finish the program here, but that I wanted to do some practical, applied research. Fortunately, the NYS Dept. of Transportation wanted info on how weather affects curing concrete--the timing worked out." Great to hear from you, Gary!

After this one, I have only one column left to write. If you want this position, let us know! --Kevin Lemanowicz, 25 Fox Dr., Dedham, MA 02027; e-mail,; and Linda Moerck-Cisz, 2 Susan Dr., Northport, NY 11768; e-mail,

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