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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 1995 January/February

January/February 1995

"Welcome to this month's column. I am finally beginning to sort through the mass of News and Dues forms which grace my desk, but I am pleased to begin with information contained in a letter from Kirsten Etka Hallstrom. Kirsten and husband Brian '90 are in Boston, where she is working as a physical therapist at Children's Hospital and he is in his final year of medical school at Boston U. Brian also sculls at the Union Boat Club with Greg Darrah, who is working for Andersen Consulting. Kirsten organized a mini-reunion of former housemates over Labor Day weekend. Kate Lawler and Ayda Haddad are roommates in Washington, DC, where Ayda is in her last year at Georgetown law school and Kate is preparing to leave for a year in El Salvador as a Fulbright Scholarship recipient. Elizabeth Alley, Julie Nielsen, and Merritt Clapp all live in North Carolina. Betsy earned her MA in classical archeology from the U. of North Carolina last May and spent the summer working at Cornell's dig with the Etruscan Foundation in Italy. Julie just earned her master's degree in theology from Duke. Merritt and husband Craig Smith, an MIT alum, just moved to Chapel Hill, where Merritt is beginning work on her master's degree in urban and regional planning. Other attendees at the mini-reunion included Susie Curtis, who is working for the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Heather Dykstra, who is working for the Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning in Indianapolis after earning her master's de- gree in public affairs from Indiana U., and Kristin Huffman, who is completing her master's degree in art history at Florida State U. Gerry Autler, working for a research group in Washington, DC, and Steve Kalik, who is job hunting, also were in attendance. Thanks for the letter, Kirsten!

Another letter with a bit farther to travel came from Annike Hoysater, whois planning to travel in South America and Russia for six months after leaving her job as a PR consultant in Oslo, Norway. While in Russia, Annike hopes to see Otto Pohl and Steve Levy, who were photographers for the Daily Sun while on the Hill. After her trip, she hopes to pursue a master's degree. Annike has had a couple of visitors from the States in the past year. Cristos Goodrow, who is back in school after working for Andersen Consulting, visited her during the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, and Lynn Schechter visited for the second straight summer. Lynn is pursuing her PhD at Columbia U. Elleke Monster also lives overseas. She moved to London from Amsterdam and is working for an English hotel company. And although Rod Braun is now living in Florida, he had some international experiences of his own a little while ago. After visiting Matt Guest in Ecuador, Rod went on a global surfing trip that took him to Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, Indonesia, and France.

Back in the US, Mindy Blitzer is finishing her master's degree in physical therapy at the U. of Miami. Paul Kotula is also still a student, working toward his PhD in materials science at the U. of Minnesota, where he holds an IBM Graduate Fellowship. Saurabh Patel returned to school last year, leaving his position at Andersen Consulting to study biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins. Susie Skoglund has just left her engineering job to attend the U. of Washington's business school.

Among our employed classmates is Rob Long, a computer systems specialist with the Prudential Insurance Co. in Pennsylvania. Rob writes that he had changed jobs within the company, from underwriting insurance to his current position. Rob also mentioned that he has gotten involved with his local Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network (CAAAN) committee and enjoys attracting potential students to Cornell. CAAAN is an organization that goes to college fairs, interviews prospective students, and otherwise promotes Cornell to potential applicants. There are committees across the country, and this is a great way for anyone who is interested in helping the university to get involved.

Nina Rosen is working as a transportation planner for Vollmer Associates, a planning, engineering, and architecture firm in New York City. Edward and Cindy Ann Ginty recently moved from Smyrna, GA, to Atlanta, where they are closer to Edward's job as a manufacturing engineer at International Paper. On the other side of the country, Francine Simon is now a market research analyst at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland. She had been working for a small market research firm in San Francisco after receiving her master's degree in sociology from Stanford in 1992. Victoria Scotto just graduated from New York U. law school with roommate Joann Longo. She also writes that Keara Bergin graduatedfrom Fordham law school, and that all three started at NYC law firms this past fall. *Howard Stein, 600 Warren Rd., #3-2D, Ithaca, NY 14850; (607) 257-3922.

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