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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 1997 May/June

As the snowstorms of winter become but a mere memory, the crisp spring air brings back memories of the sun-baked rocks and cool waters surrounding the gorges below a buzzing campus life . Ahh... the times we thought (and hoped! ) would never end! But although we are less likely to meet on the way to class or Collegetown, the ties and news of fellow classmates keep us joined across the miles! So let's jump right in!

Good news from San Jose, CA, reports the sighting of a stork at the residence of Dorine Colabella Scher. Dorine and husband David '89 announce the birth of son Noah Dominic on Nov. 3, '96. Noah weighed eight pounds and was 21 inches long. Noah also may have played a key role during our successful reunion, as he waited patiently while mom did endless planning as reunion co- chair! Although "Ezra" was a strong consideration as a name, Noah, currently an experienced reunion chair, holds great potential as a future class officer! In attendance at the bris on Nov. 10, '96, were Elana Adleman Feinsmith '89 and Jason '89, former outstanding Comm 201 TA Brett Mendel, Peter Mendel '88, and Steve Tomaselli '88. A special thank you and congratulations to the Scher family!

A letter from Norfolk, VA, brings news of a wedding on Nov. 10, '96, joining Eric Kossoff and Suzette LaMothe as husband and wife. The wedding took place in Norfolk, where Eric is currently a second-year pediatric resident at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters and Suzette is teaching third grade in the public schools. Cornellians present at the wedding include Therese Duane, Jeff Tessier, Richard Garodnick, Michael Litvak '92, Jerelyn Marcus Cohen '73, Jaclyn Clark, and Carolyn Brown Kossoff, DVM '87. Congratulations and the best of luck to both of you!

Wedding bells were also ringing in Illinois with the marriage of Jeffrey (Markowitz) Marks and Karen Rosenberg. Karen is a staff attorney at the Americal Civil Liberties Union and Jeffrey is completing an MBA program at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern U. Cornellians in attendance at the wedding included Andrew Puzzio, Jeffrey Knispel, Cheryl Strauss-Einhorn and husband David, Adrienne Freed and husband Howard Markus, Marc Engel, Sarah Walkling, Tamara Fox, and Natalie Schwartz Mariuzza.

Not too far from the Windy City, news from Kathryn Kraus comes from Bloomington, IN. Kathryn expects to complete a master's degree in higher education and student affairs at Indiana U. in May 1997 and plans to study for an additional year to complete a second master's degree in philanthropic studies. Daniel Milstein is currently working in New York City as the director of Internet Wired for the Bell Technology Group. Daniel is joined by his brother, Robert '89, who is keeping it in the family as a marketing director. David Heller dropped a line from New Jersey, where he is employed as a transportation systems analyst at North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority Inc.

Many of our fellow alums send news from travels across the globe. Jennifer Dean is currently working in Washington, DC, for the United Nations high commissioner for refugees. Jennifer returned in October 1996 from a five-month mission to Bosnia- Herzegovina. And if you are looking for a party contact William Grote, who sends word from Frankfurt, Germany! William works for Coca Cola and Anheuser-Busch in developing markets and military sales. Don't be surprised if you see him in a Biergarten gulping down an American beer, he has actually acquired a taste for it! James Szabo traveled through the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Russia before recently leaving the Air Force. James is currently a graduate student at MIT. Richard Field is general manager of a telemedicine company in Jordan. Rick has been active in starting companies in many locations throughout the Middle East and he would love to hear from any Cornellians either residing in or visiting the area ( In addition, Rick also keeps in touch with Dave Campbell and Amy Schweizer. Amy was married in November 1996. Douglas Fudge sent news from Ontario, Canada, where he recently earned his MS in zoology at the U. of Guelph. Douglas is now doing research in comparative physiology at the university. Geneva Chong started a PhD in ecology at Colorado State U. and continues to work for the National Biological Service. She also continues working in Honduras and Peru one to two months of the year.

A news release from Ogilvy & Mather in Atlanta, GA, proudly announces the promotion of Stephen Weinstein as a group planning supervisor. Stephen joined the Ogilvy & Mather New York office in 1991 and was transferred to Atlanta in August 1995. Atlanta, a rapidly growing city, seems to be a place where you are sure to run into Cornellians. John Justice moved back to Atlanta and met many Cornellians last summer at the Olympic Games.

The Class of '91 is filled with successes. There's news from Stacy Stephans, who earned a PhD in the neuroscience department at Case Western Reserve U. in the fall of 1996 and is currently at Emory U. doing post-doctoral research in the neurology department. Scott Benson dropped a line from Stanford where he recently earned a PhD in computer science and is working in San Francisco. J. Scott Berniker called to tell us that he was wrapping up his MBA at Wharton this spring and considering his options in corporate America. Scott also says that Todd Gottesman is still living in Houston and loving it, but misses those "real New York bagels." Debra Epstein writes from NYC: she is teaching first grade in Briarcliff, NY, and spent last summer traveling the Pacific Northwest-Vancouver, Seattle, and Jasper.

Congratulations go out to Julie Nielsen, who is in North Carolina, but will relocate in the fall of 1997 to start medical school at the U. of Vermont. Julie is doing psychiatry research at Duke and spent last summer backpacking out in Wyoming and Colorado. Melissa Franklin sends word from NYC, where she has started a new job at the Bank of Nova Scotia working with marketing derivative products. Vicki June is residing in Hudson, NY, and is currently working as a small animal and equine veterinarian. Lara DeLong is attending a post- baccalaureate program at U. of Pennsylvania and is applying to medical school. She would welcome any and all advice from fellow alums! Good luck! Amy Shortlidge is currently in Connecticut working for Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals as a medical/business librarian. Amy expects to earn a MLS degree in May 1997.

Now a news break to help us all remember some of the unforgettable times on the Hill. I'll set the stage... Cayuga's Waiters... Spring Fever 1991: "Here we are at Cornell. Now we're not complaining, but it's always raining. Such diversity in one university! Here we are at Cornell, but when we are gone it will still go on and on." Please write! Or I may have to sing some more songs! Keep the news flowing and Keep smilin'! Linda Moerck, 264 Carpenter Ave., Sea Cliff, NY 11579; e-mail,

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