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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 2006 January/February

January/February 2006

Happy New Year ... though before we launch into 2006, let's take a moment to review news from our busy classmates! Andrew Nolan updates us by reporting that in 2002, he started LLC Corporation R.E. Nolan Assoc. in Auburn, NY, for which he is currently president. His company provides agricultural and environmental consulting to energy companies such as El Paso Corp. and Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company with responsibilities such as environmental permitting and construction, post-construction oversight, and restoration management. When not managing the business, Andrew also serves as a consultant to sons Ryan, 10, and Eric, 9.

Stacey Neren Lender lives in New York City with husband David and their daughters Avery, 4, and Carson, 1. Charles Taylor also lives in New York City, where he is the product marketing director for Yahoo! Off the clock he fills his time by caring for 3-year-old son Alexander, running marathons, traveling, hiking, mountain biking, and playing squash and soccer. Todd Schlifstein writes that he is deeply entrenched in the medical community in New York City. Among his credentials are clinical assistant professor at NYU School of Medicine; attending physician at NYU Medical Center, Rusk Institute; attending physician at the Hospital for Joint Disease, Orthopedic Inst.; and medical expert at the House Reform Committee, US Congress Steroid Hearings. Todd has also provided interviews for CNN-Live, ABC News, CBS News, the Discovery Channel, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and Maxim magazine.

Liza Jones Hards reports that she and husband Steve are living in Dumont, NJ, and run an educational day camp in Englewood for children ages 7-12. She frequently visits with fellow Tri-Delt sisters in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, including Ariane Horn, JD '96, Suzanne Skalski, Denise Law, Crissy Moeder Shaul, and Laurie Fronhofer. Becky Levine Leibowitz lives in Scotch Plains, NJ, and recently welcomed her second child, Sam. She reports that Sam's big brother Jonah will be the Yankees' biggest 3-year-old fan this season.

Sean '90 and Kathryn Kraus Bolks celebrated the quintessential Cornell wedding on August 6 by marrying in Sage Chapel and possibly setting the world record for Cornellian guests. The wedding party included Karen Kraus '88, Carl Boehlert, John Crosby '90, and Brett Wilson. Classmates Kim Clark Borden, MBA '95, Jim Crozier, Christine Reidl Fladda, Mike Koopman, Craig Miles, Nicole Halpern Murphy, Dave O'Leary, Eric Rosario, Chris Schallmo, Doug Tabish, BEE '92, and Tim Vanini were in attendance along with nearly 20 other Cornell alumni. After a reception at Statler, the bride and groom ended the evening in true Cornell style, visiting Dunbar's and the Hot Truck!

Neva Flaherty writes that after five years in Moscow, a Berkeley MBA, and four years working in the San Francisco Bay Area, she has recently settled in Arlington, VA, working both in consumer goods sales and on her golf game. She hopes to reconnect with any classmates living on the East Coast, especially those living near Washington, DC, with an addiction to skiing out west. Perhaps Neva can look up Scott Deutchman, who works as managing director at the LawMedia Group in Washington, DC. Or Rachelle Seeger Jayner, who lives in Gaithersburg, MD, with sons Nicholas, 1, and Ryan, 3, and husband Michael. Further south, Katharine Knowlton lives in Blacksburg, VA, where she was just promoted to associate professor of dairy science and awarded tenure at Virginia Tech.

Laura Panko announces that she was married to Mark Guarraci last August. She lives in Grayslake, IL, and recently began working as a college adviser and lecturer in biological sciences at Northwestern U. Michael Fisher lives in nearby Evanston, IL, and works at Maritz as an account manager in the Hospitality Research Group. He and his wife Anne-Marie, 2-year-old Jennifer, and new baby Marisa enjoy cookouts, visiting the beach, and traveling. Ellen Goode and husband David recently adopted Midwestern small-town life in Rochester, MN, and are experiencing a bit of culture and weather shock after living in Seattle for nine years. She is working at the Mayo Clinic as an assistant professor of epidemiology and is hoping to connect with Cornellians living in the Midwest.

Barbara Wilinsky Selznick lives in Tucson, AZ, with husband Sanford, son Ellis, 2, and daughter Lily, 4. She works at the U. of Arizona, where she has received tenure and was promoted to associate professor in media arts. Sabine Vinck, ME '93, recently left her ten-year banking job to work for the London Business School as director of finance programmes, and she invites any Cornellian who is considering studying finance in London to give her a call. In her spare time, Sabine enjoys music, with a particular passion for playing piano; she reports that she was thrilled to participate in a recital after an eight-year hiatus.

Kimberly Jordon Stone recently left her post in Southern Italy and was transferred to Virginia, where she works at the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center as a family physician. She reminisces about her honeymoon tour in Italy, from which she has many photos and memories, not to mention unique driving skills. She also recently attended the spectacular wedding of Loretta Dougherty and Fred Gallo '90 just outside of New York City. Loretta and Fred's wedding was attended by Kathy George, Shawn Frank, Perry Ground and his wife Jenny, Sue Ulman Kravitz '89 and husband Marc, Dave Luzadis, Pam Eaton, and Vicky Wasserstrom Carson and husband Steven.

Jennifer Leeds and husband Rob Hess live in Arlington, MA, where Jennifer leads the infectious diseases laboratory at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in nearby Cambridge and reports that she has two new Cornell grads in her group. Rob recently passed the patent law Bar exam and began his new career as a technology specialist with Boston firm Bromberg and Sunstein. Jennifer and Rob are also raising two boys, Tjaden, 7, and Max, 4, who often visit Ithaca, since their grandma is married to Prof. Terry Fine. Living in Massachusetts, Jennifer frequently sees her former housemate Julie Voveris Furtado (and her twins), in addition to Karl Yoder '87 and Marina Memmo '89. Jennifer also reports that good friend Mark Blucher '90 and his family moved to St. Louis last year. She does not get to see them as much, but hopes to see them at reunion in June!

That's right--reunion! It only happens once every five years! Speak to your friends and mark your calendars for June 8-11, 2006. Our 15th Reunion is right around the corner, and as usual, our co-chairs Jeff Weintraub, MD '95, and Dorine Colabella Scher have a fabulous weekend in store for you. The fun-filled weekend promises a generous mix of planned events and free time. Be sure to seize this opportunity to explore campus and visit with old friends. Considering bringing the kids? There will also be plenty of activities planned for the younger set during the weekend. Make sure to visit our impressive class website,, developed and maintained by Bob Baca to keep you informed about weekend specifics and help you plan your return to the Hill this June. Look for registration materials in your mailbox in March. *Corinne Kuchling,; Nina Rosen Peek,; and Dave Smith,

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