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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 2014 September/October

September/October 2014

I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer! It's great to hear from so many of you in the current news cycle.

Starting with our West Coast classmates, Dawn Harrison Harris writes from Nevada City, CA, where she is an emergency room doctor. Outside of work, she enjoys running, skiing, and being outside in the Sierras. Recently, her husband surprised her with a skydiving trip for her 45th birthday! She was looking forward to her annual girls' Class of '91 reunion in Berkeley. Anna Doyno Tague and her husband, Skip '90, hosted a bevy of Cornell pals, along with their families, when Mark Coffman '90 and his family visited the Bay Area in March. Agnna Guzman writes that after living in Southern California for seven years, she relocated back to the Bay Area to be closer to her immediate family. She tells us that she is at a crossroads in her career as a business immigration attorney--whether to choose working for a law firm, go inhouse, or be an independent contractor.

The past year has been a blur for Rebecca Darien Yodzio. She and husband Wayne sold their home in Florida and then moved to Laguna Niguel, CA. She has spent much of the past year trying to reorganize, including making sure their home life is settled, finding the right schools for each of their children, and finding recreational leagues for everyone's hobbies so no one is bored! Rebecca says she is looking for the right work opportunity, but wouldn't mind having a vacation, too. April Henry has spent the past several months taking care of her newborn baby, Austin, in South Huntington, NY. Congratulations, April!

Lynn Schechter has a full schedule as a wife, mother of three great kids, and full-time child psychologist in private practice ( in Baton Rouge, LA. It is her mission to work hard to make the lives of children better. She thinks fondly about the time she spent with her freshman-year roommate, Katharine Bales Frassinelli. Robert Dunlap writes us from Bailey, CO, where he spends time volunteering for committees at his local school district. Recently he has been tweeting, blogging, and volunteering to make an impact. He has also been submitting invention proposals to his employer, inspired by Steve Jobs.

Christopher Alwang is a veterinarian at Goosepond Animal Hospital in Monroe, NY. When not working at the animal hospital, he likes to spend time with his kids, skiing, birding, working around the house and yard, and working out to get in better shape. Susan Rosenblatt-Schumacher lives in Cambridge, MA, and is chief of staff at Kindness Animal Hospital ( She and husband Chas recently closed on a gorgeous Vermont country log cabin. Chas also bought her a Cornell sheep blanket, which she enjoys using at the cabin. Susan stays in touch with close friend Cherry Estilo. She says she wishes she had paid more attention in Dr. Morse's beekeeping class at Cornell, as she is thinking about raising bees.

Lisa Camacho Morales lives in Orlando, FL, and enjoys working in education, training our youth to be critical thinkers. After work hours, she enjoys an intense cardio Zumba class. She also enjoys plugging in to her church. In addition to being a licensed psychotherapist, Renee Exelbert Warshowsky recently became a personal trainer. She opened the Metamorphosis Center for Psychological and Physical Change, where she integrates psychotherapy and exercise. Wendy Fuhr serves on the Bryn Mawr Family Practice Residency Program. She also plays with a country/ bluegrass band, Rock Salt and Nails. She wishes she he had spent more time playing violin and enjoying theatre while at Cornell.

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