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Class Notes, 2003 May/June

May/June 2003

Greetings to everyone out there in the land of the Class of '91. It's amazing how quickly six months can go by, and I am once again charged with the task of bringing you up to date on the accomplishments and happenings in our class. Living in a military town, I have a close view of the human clement that fights our war on terrorism and of the effects of the current geopolitical crises. Given these constant reminders of strife and conflict, I find hope in the knowledge that members of our class are doing their part to make a difference both at home and in the far-flung corners of the world.

Platitudes aside, I will start with news of marriages and births and extend an apology to Stephen Shimony. Stephen, here's the news you've been hoping to see published, and, yes, the third submission is the charm. Hang in there, and thanks for your persistence. Stephen wanted us to know that he and Stacy Hirsch were married at Temple Emanuel on Sept. 1, '01, in Great Neck, NY. Fellow Cornellians Alan Leibel, Jeff Bregman '90, Michael Whitman, Seth Kosik, and Will Walter '90 attended the wedding.

Cathy James writes to tell us of the marriage of her sister Debbie James '95 to David Walend '93 in May of 2002. We may have been late with news of Stephen's marriage, but hopefully we scooped the '93 and '95 class correspondents on this one. Cathy also tells us that she left her job at the Charleston HealthCare Center and is working as a pediatrician in the emergency department at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Lastly in the marriage category, Robert Carroll married Laurie Sorabella on Sept. 22, '02. Occasionally, we are timely with this info. Both Robert and Laurie have done advanced degree work in marine sciences at William and Mary. May your union be an ocean of happiness.

As usual, birth announcements are plentiful for our class. Christine Anderson Perkins and husband Christopher wrote to announce the birth of Christopher Jackson on Apr. 19, '02. Christine says that big sister Katie Grace (I would have thought sure that her name would have had a "Chris" in it somewhere) loves to announce, "Baby woke up!" with great surprise ... after she pokes him repeatedly, of course. Christine is a Young Adult Services Librarian at the Jackson County Library in Oregon where she says she "get[s] to read hysterical books like The Black Book Diary of a Teenage Stud, and tell teens about them." Sounds to me like a good way to get your house picketed.

Allison Crandall Armieri is living in Chapel Hill, NC, and writes that she and husband Brian '90 have beautiful children Dallas, born Apr. 4, '99, and Emma, born Nov. 28, '00. David Beitel, ME CS '92, and wife Joanna (James) '92 added Julia Caroline to the family on Oct. 28, '01. Rachel Laiserin and husband Toby Kovacs welcomed Daniel Evan on Apr. 15, '02. Rachel tells us that on the same day, classmate Lisa Epstein Jay had her third child, Hannah Toby. The real question is, did everyone still manage to file their taxes on time? Michael Walsh and wife Robin arc proud to announce the birth of their son Daniel Hamilton Walsh on Mar. 2, '02. Will Wechsler writes to let us know that his wife Helaine Klasky gave birth to their first child, Alexander Hayden, on Sept. 26, '02. Will tells us that he is now vice president of Greenwich Associates, an international financial services consultancy.

My last announcement is one I don't really understand. I get the part where Nat Jarvis says that he, wife Marcy (Porter) '82, BS '91, and their 8-year-old daughter Katchen welcomed another daughter, Jessie Imbrie, to the family in Nagold, Germany, on June 22, '02. However, his letter goes on to say, "Jessie's birth announcement is of a 'Kinder Ueberaschung,' those European chocolatey confections with a toy surprise within, so fellow Risleyites Karin Abell '93, Sandy Anderson '93, and Meg Elliot '94 have contributed Kinderkus (Kinder surprise haikus) a la Risley Bad Poetry readings." I obviously didn't get to North Campus often enough.

In random news and notes from around the class, Dorine Colabella Scher says that she and husband David '89 visited Jeff Weintraub, MD '95, and his new baby girl in Connecticut, adding that she is "very beautiful." Jessica Lifland completed her thesis for an MA in visual communications (Photojournalism) at Ohio U. Lucy Tidd Olcott, DVM '95, is in Germantown, MD, and says she is building a new 10,000 sq.-ft. veterinary hospital. Emily Kramer is now part of the sales and marketing team for Development Management Corp., which is developing a $220 million luxury, mixed-use complex on Boston's waterfront. Given how expensive Boston is, I'm curious if that includes indoor plumbing.

Judith Germano Bonarti tells us that she is now an Assistant US Attorney with the Dept. of Justice at the US Attorney's Office for the District of New Jersey. Judith, if you know anyone who can help with a couple of speeding tickets, hook me up. In other law-related happenings, Richard Repp was added to the firm of Witherspoon, Kelley, Davenport, and Toole in Spokane, WA. Richard studied law at the U. of Idaho and has specialized in business and securities transactions in the state of Washington.

I have run out of news for this column, but will leave you with the following words of wisdom from classmate Matthew Leve, "We have to create peace within ourselves before we can create peace in the world, although perhaps the process is not so black and white." Here's to peace within ourselves and within our world. See you again in six months. Send news and notes to the following: *Dave Smith,; Nina Rosen Peek,; and Corinne Kuchling,

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