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Class Notes, 1992 September/October

September 1992

There was no Class of 1991 Class Notes Column this month.

October 1992

Before we dive into this month's goings on, I"d like to offer sincere thanks to all who sent in News & Dues forms or personal letters. I received so much interesting news that I'm sorry to say I can't include it all here. But keep on writing--we correspondents can never get enough news about our classmates. Top billing this month goes to class top dog {i.e., our beloved president) Thomas N. Murray Jr. Tom writes that there is a new face in the Alumni Affairs office, Holly Winters, the new assistant director of class programs. Welcome, Holly, and good luck!

Speaking of new occupations, a number of our classmates have gotten married, had babies, or both. Erika Nowak writes that she was maid of honor at Christine Vegter's wedding to David Hartsuch in March. Attending the wedding were Gordon Saksena, Laura Panko, Cindy Wells, and Isabelle Kagan. Julie Curulla, who's working as an environmental engineer in Portland, ME, writes with news of two weddings. She saw Paul M. Goldstein and Paul J. Mason at Jon Stratton's wedding in March at Sage Chapel, and attended Kathy Novak's wedding to Greg Murray in May along with Julia Morehouse, Amanda Butler, and Morgan Rider. Matthew Giancarlo sends news that he and Krista Van Hoesen '89 were married in July 1991 and had a son almost exactly 11 months later, this past June. They are living in Durham, NC, where Matt is attending Duke and Krista is working as a food service manager. And last, but not least, is Greg Bagley, whose wife Carol had a son in December. Greg also says that he is resigning from the military this year and returning to Atlanta to live. Congratulations to all!

Reading through all of this mail, I've been amazed by the incredible diversity of activities in which our classmates are engaged. Teaching seems to be a common occupation, but even in that there is variety. Suzette LaMothe is teaching in the Houston public schools, and saw Eric Kossoff and Jackie Clark during her spring break, which she spent in Buffalo and Ithaca. (Most people go south for spring break!) Fernando Alonso is teaching in his native Puerto Rico, but the person teaching farthest from home is probably Michael Armstrong, who started teaching in Namibia in July. Teaching there sounds like a challenging task, as the country is struggling to stabilize itself after its recent independence from South African rule. Liza Jones sent a long letter telling that she has found a permanent teaching position in Englewood, NJ, after a year of searching. She had spent this past spring substitute-teaching. Liza also wrote with news of a number of other classmates. She, Jen Tauras, Jen Sampson, and Ariane Schreiber visited in February, and Liza and Ryan Cote visited Ariane and Eric Bluman in Washington DC in May. Ryan is working as a copywriter on Long Island, while Ariane is working for Congresswoman Nina Lowe. Also, Liza had a visit from Suzanne Schafer in March. Suzanne wrote as well, to say that she enjoys her job as an admissions counselor at Carnegie-Mellon U. because of the travel opportunities, although it keeps her very busy.

With the job market so tough, many people wrote with advice on the job search. A good summary of what a lot of people said came from Maui Meyer, who moved to Hood River, OR and started her own restaurant company with Tony Kalyk '89. Maui advises, "Figure out what you want to do, then convince others--responsibly. Stick to your plans and do it!" Two people who seem to be doing just that are Stefanie Nelson, who remarks that she has moved to New York City to audition for dance companies, while bartending "to pay the rent," and Stacey Neren, who's working in freelance tour production. Stacey spent the spring traveling around the country for the American Gladiators Live Tour, and hopes to have worked with some rock-and-roll tours over the summer. As for more advice, Ted Tanaka recommends checking out the job books at nearby universities and then sending a customized cover letter to the listed contact. Ted speaks from experience, as that's just how he got his job as a software engineer in Gaithersburg, MD. (By the way, Ted, thanks for the approving note.) I might add that the Cornell Career Center--(607) 255-5221--offers several helpful services to alumni as well as undergraduates.

Finally, a word about myself. At the bottom of this column, you'll notice I have a new address. I am now working as a software engineer at a software development firm in Ithaca, and very much enjoying being back here. Feel free to drop in to say hi or to chat any time you return to the Hill. And, as a famous pig once said, "That's all folks!" *Howard Stein, 600 Warren Rd., Apt. 3-2D, Ithaca, NY 14850; (607) 257-3922.

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