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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 1996 May/June

May 1996

Just a month until Reunion-here's one more reminder for you to make plans to attend: WHO: all members of the Class of '91: WHAT our first five-year Reunion; WHERE: on campus; WHEN: June 6-9, '96; WHY: to sec old friends you may not have seen since graduation and get to know other classmates Many of our classmates have accomplished a great deal in the past five years. One friendly letter came from Cristy Boccuti with news that she is nut only a speech language pathologist at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Chicago, specializing in acute care and rehabilitation, but she has also co-authored a 347-page book titled Resource Book of Phrases and Sentences. Cristy explains that the book is designed for speech pathologists' use in practice and is published by Communication Skill Builders Inc.

Also, I received an interesting letter from Katie McShane '89, who told me that she met my parents on n Royal Cruise Line voyage last summer after having approached my father, who was wearing a Cornell T-shirt! Katie is working for Royal Cruise Line in passenger services, and about every ten days she is assigned to one of three ships in her fleet. She joins a cruise for its entirety, usually anywhere from ten to 25 days, and works as an on-board concierge for the guests. Katie reflected, "lt is a great job - one I consider more of an opportunity than a job, as I have been around the world about four times by now."

Debbie Rogow Silverstein wrote with news of her marriage on Nov. 4, '95 to husband Rich. Cornellians at the wedding included her parents, Stephen '63 and Joan Epstein Rogow '65; her aunt Ritalou Rogow Harris '57; bridesmaid Sharon Kaufman; Amy Epstein Feldman and Len '89; David Sosnow '90; and Marc Paul. Amy graduated from U. of Pennsylvania law school (where she met Rich) in May 1994 and moved to Chicago to take a judicial clerkship at the Bankruptcy Court. She will be clerking for the Hon. Susan Pierson Sonderby until the fall of 1997.

Joi Smith Koenig also wrote about her wedding. She and Robert were married on Sept. 17. '95. Classmates attending included Roberta Essom, bridesmaid, Chris Ritter, Ron Even, and Peter Scimeca. Joi reported the wedding of Roberta, her bridesmaid and classmate, to Greg Parrott on Oct. 14, '95. Attending were Joi and Bob, Hugh Cayless, and Audra Sugerman '90.

Weddings listed in The New York Times included those of Pearl Chizner and Kristin Baird. Pearl married Andrew Lockwood and is now finishing her final year of law school at St. Johns U. Kristin married Rokas Masiulis of Vilnius, Lithuania and is living in Vilnius working as the manager of retail operations for Shell Oil. Other wed ding bells were ringing through the Internet. On Sept. 9, '95, Michael Jillson married Patty Cutillo '92 In Brockton, MA. Janet Suleski and Andrew Rochester attended the wedding, as well as Chi Ha '95, who was a bridesmaid, and former animal science faculty advisor Lennart Petersson '81 and wife Katherine (Harper), PhD '90.

Paul Warkentin married Caitlin Smith, '90, M Eng '91 on Sept. 28, '95 in "a beautiful ceremony in scenic Concord, MA." Cornellians were in abundance at the wedding, among them best man Jim Forsythe '90, M Eng '91; bridesmaids Reka Daniels '90 and Tamiko Toland '90; and groomsman Norm Prokup '90. Guests included Sue Niebrzydowski Forsythe '90, M Eng '92 and daughter Katie (Class of 2016, perhaps?); Architecture buddies Matt Hyatt '90 and Sven Dahlquist; and graduate friends Wen Chuan Chen '90, M Eng '91, Stephanie Smith '90, M Eng '91, MBA '92, and Stuart Allen, PhD '87. Caitlin and Paul traveled to Italy for their honeymoon, and the newlyweds will spend their first year together in England beginning in February, due to Caitlin's job.

April Horowitz also sent news via the Internet. She finished her master of science degree at North Carolina State U. in soil science. April completed her research on hillside agriculture in poor rural regions of Honduras, and will work as an environmental scientist with the environmental consulting firm Barrett Kays & Associates in Raleigh, NC. Cristina Moeder Shaul sent news of herself and other classmates. Cristina and husband Matt live in Stamford, CT, where Cristina works as associate promotion manager for the I New York Times Co. Magazine Group, doing direct marketing for all six of their magazines, including Golf Digest and Tennis. Cristina adds that Matt is enjoying his job as a consultant for Hewitt Associates in Norwalk, CT and works with Liz Weinreb '92, Jason Wagner '95, and Ric Rennoldson '95. Cristina reports that Susan Geringer, who lives in Wheaton, IL, is working in sales for Dean Foods, covering the eastern part of the US; and that Stu Aaron was promoted at Newbridge Networks in Herndon, VA, where he works with Ted Tanaka.

Make your travel plans to Reunion, June 6-9. Hope to see you all there. Melanie Bloom, c/o Cornell Magazine, 55 Brown Rd., Ithaca, NY 14850.

June 1996

Hello again! As you read H this, winter surely seems a distant memory, although as I write this it has just barely departed. Included in this winter was the Cornell Club of Boston's gala for President Hunter Rawlings and Mrs. Rawlings at the beginning of March (it was conveniently scheduled to coincide with a blizzard, which turned the evening into a bit of an adventure for all concerned). Besides myself, classmates in attendance included Jean J. E. Lim, who served on the planning committee, and Jet K. S. Ho. Jet is currently in the MD/PhD program at Boston U. My travels this past winter included a trip to Lake Placid to watch the men's hockey team win its first ECAC championship in ten years. While there, I met up with John Whelan, who is working on his PhD at the U. of California, Santa Barbara. I also saw Reunion Co-Chair Jeff Weintraub MD '95, Arik Marks, Kevin Rugg, and Adam Choi.

Art Witebsky sent me e-mail about a book he wrote that was published in April. It's called Golf's Little Instruction Book. Hopefully, it will sell well. It's exciting to think that our classmates will start making names for themselves in the big, wide world! I also had e-mail from Maurice Campbell, with a more complete report on his marriage to Janet Vasquez last July (reported in my last column). Classmates at the wedding included Maurice's best man, Raymond R. Brown, who earned his MA from New York U. in 1993 and is now enrolled at the U. of Florida; Michael Ealy; Ed N. Chai, who graduated from New York Medical School in 1995; Stephanie Stephens, who is in law school at Fordham; Rosemary Medina, who is in grad school at NYU; Kahlil Reid, who's at Georgetown law school; Paul Greaves, MPA '94; Mike Butler, who's pursuing his master's degree at Hofstra U.; Antoinette Gomes, who's in a PhD program at the U. of Miami; Orville Dyce, who's in medical school at the U. of Pennsylvania; Stacey Jones, BS Eng '92; and Althea Rhooms, who's in dental school at NYU. Other Cornellians at the wedding included Jeff L. Brown '93, Basil Smikle '93, Donna-Marie Woodstock '89, JD '92, Will Appling '92, and Kwesi Arno '92. Congratulations again to Maurice and Janet!

Howard Wolkow sent e-mail to the Cornell Magazine staff with some news about his life. Howard is finishing a three-year term on the Oceanside, NY Board of Education, and will be retiring from the board. He also has a new job in World Wide Web publishing for Showtime Networks. Judging from Kimberly A. Jordan's News and Dues form, we should have a very healthy class. Kimberly graduated from medical school at SUNY, Stony Brook last year, and is now a family practice intern at the naval hospital in Jacksonville. Kimberly's classmates included Van Yu, Katherine Grundmann, and Mohana Karlekar.

Seema Mital also earned her MD last year, from the SUNY Health Sciences Center in Syracuse. She is now a pediatric resident in Norfolk, VA. Donald Printy is in a related field, working as a cardiac dietitian in Wilmington, NC. In the world of business we find Michelle Bayuk, who has started part-time work on her MBA at NYU. Michelle is joined academically by Eric R. Schneider, who is now living in the Washington, DC area and studying nights at the U. of Maryland while he is still in the Navy. And finally, Ejnar Knudsen has been promoted to assistant vice president at Rabobank, where he finances "large commodity importers and exporters throughout the Northeast."

Well, that's the news. This is my last column as class correspondent, as we will have some new people taking the reins at Reunion. I've enjoyed writing for you these past five years, and I hope you've enjoyed reading. Peace. Howard Stein, 50 Alton PL, #4, Brookline, MA 02146; tel., (617) 975-0422; e-mail,

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