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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 1997 March/April

It is December 18, I leave for Florida tomorrow, I haven't done Christmas shopping, and there is a big storm heading toward New England. I am not the type to stress out, but this is as close as I've been in a while. Of course, at the time you are reading this, everything is back to normal here. I hope the same can be said for you and yours. Happy New Year! It seems that with all of your holiday happenings, most of you have forgotten to write to me. No problem... I'll just reach into the archives. I've taken out some of the notes I've not had room for in the column in the past and gave them some face time here. These are pretty much in random, chaotic disorder to match life around the holidays. There are lots of names here. I hope you can follow along. Here goes... New Stuff first, though...

Anna Doyno Tague and Barry "Skip" '90 sent me an adorable birth announcement. Caroline Ellen Tague was born December 1 weighing seven pounds, six ounces. She was twenty inches long. The Tagues are living in San Francisco. David Peck married Ruth Hiller, DVM '95 on October 19 in North Woodmere on Long Island. David is an associate at Weiner & Millo law firm in New York. Ruth works at St. Mark's Veterinary Hospital, also in New York. John T. Whelan graduated from U. of California, Santa Barbara, with a doctorate in physics. He has accepted a two-year postdoctoral position at the U. of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Christopher Alwang writes that he is practicing veterinary medicine in Monroe, NY. David H. Schlereth graduated from Iowa State U. college of veterinary medicine back in May. He is also curing critter woes at Cortlandt Animal Hospital in Cortlandt Manor, NY. Yet another veterinarian is Kathleen Leavey. She finished a small animal medicine and surgery internship at VCA South Shore Animal Hospital in S. Weymouth, MA. She is now practicing at the Boston Cat Hospital of Kenmore Square. Bo Bazylevsky has been trading emerging market debt since graduation. He is currently a managing director in charge of Eurobond trading at a firm in New York. He also tells us that Nate Grant has recently been hired as a portfolio manager at ValueLine Asset Management. Andres Garcia recently completed his PhD in bioengineering at U. of Pennsylvania and is a postdoctoral fellow in the microbiology department. Douglas Biviano is working for a geotechnical engineering firm in Avon, CO. Thomas Easley is working on his PhD in material science and engineering at Northwestern in the Windy City. Mark Rosenthal is a resident in pediatrics at Geisinger Medical Center and living in Danville, PA. Rebecca Daniels is working on her master's in industrial relations at the U. of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Laura Powers is in the doctoral program in ecological anthropology at the U. of Georgia.

Cary Chiang is a resident in emergency medicine at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. Karen Murray is studying at New York Medical College. Carolyn Kim is working on her master's in physical therapy at U. of California, San Francisco. Sangjoon Baek is pursuing a PhD in electrical engineering at Penn. Charles Ho is a PhD candidate at U. of California, LA, in pathology. Anastasia Bayardelle-Williams is studying medicine at U. of Virginia. Brian Burriss is a primary treatment coordinator at a residential care facility for mentally ill adults. Dave Clarke is a catering manager at Princeton U. Wearing several different hats is Alan Lehto. At last check, he was finishing his master's in urban and regional planning, teaching sophomores at Portland State U. and working as a transit planner in a consulting firm. Jennifer Goldberg Bretan is a celebrity publicist in New York. Perhaps she should give Miki Yoshimoto a buzz. Miki is working on feature films in California. Jessica Lifland writes that she is "still a photographer, still in San Francisco."

Tad Hara reports that he has traveled to "all the 21 Arab countries except Libya." Richard Owens is living in London and trading convertible bonds. Mitch Sayers and wife Jutta are now living in Saline, MI. He is working in the Ford automotive components division as a manufacturing engineer, plastics painting. Kristen Krzyzewski is attending Harvard business school. Wanda Wright is currently an attorney with the Kings County district attorney's office in the Big Apple. Laura Hubbert DiCarlo is living in Ithaca and working as a school psychologist. Steve Beiser is a currency trader in Chicago. Gayle Kaufman is living in Chapel Hill, NC, with husband Kevin Bell '90. Liv Gussing is working at the Strand Hotel in Yangton, Myanmar. This is after a more than three-year stint in a Bangkok hotel, a four-month hiatus to travel in Southeast Asia, and work with orphans. Simon R. R. Atkins no longer struggles with physics. He has his own company in Honolulu, HI, called, what else, "Simon Says International." He is also married two years now!

Since Simon was a meteorology major with me, this is a good spot to include this weather update. Hope you don't mind me throwing it in. I started a new job in August at Fox News Boston. We are doing a one-hour newscast and I am the chief meteorologist. We are on Sunday through Thursday at 10 p.m. (o.k., I'm more like 10:30). If you are ever in town, check us out. Back to forecasting this big storm. If you don't want to hear about me anymore, you must send me information, stories, anything. I now have a home here, so my address has changed once again. It appears below.Kevin Lemanowicz, 2 Whitelawn Ave., Milton, MA 02186.

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