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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 2005 November/December

November/December 2005

Greetings and salutations to everyone. It always seems like six months goes by quickly--and as usual, I am excited to have yet another opportunity to bring you the news and notes from the Class of '91. We are sweltering here in the Carolinas as we are currently deep in the dog days of August, but since this will appear in the Nov/Dec issue, I am trying to get myself in a "fall" state of mind and maybe it will make me feel cooler. Regardless, it's time for the news, so I will start, as always, with the birth announcements from around the class.

Karen Schmeidler Sagor tells us that she and her husband had their first child, Ariela Diane, on Mother's Day this year. Certainly that was better than flowers or a card. Erika Ackerman Duffy also had her first child, Jonathan Tuckerman, on May 1, 2005. She says that the middle name is from the trail on Mt. Washington where she and her husband got engaged. Also becoming first time parents were Cathy Merrill Williams and her husband Paul. Wynne Philip Williams was born January 6, 2005. Congratulations to all the newbie parents. The second one is the hard one, but after that, you don't really notice the difference with a third ... or a fourth.

Robert Weiner and his wife had their second child, Joseph Isaac, in June 2005. Munisha Mehra Bhatia had twin girls on November 1, 2004,Mira and Riya. Munisha says that she is enjoying taking some time off from pediatrics to be with her daughters. Class of '91 couple David and Kristin Markussen Karcher, MS '93, announce the arrival of their second child, Duncan. Kristin also informs us that the family moved to the Philadelphia area, where David is working as a litigation support manager for Drinker, Biddle and Reath.

In general news and notes, another Class of '91 couple Ben and Amy Seegal Kutell tell us that their sons are growing up fast. Jonah is 6 years old and already a green belt in karate. Two-year-old Ethan is a ball of energy, so obviously he keeps his parents busy. Amy has started her own mural and freelance art business and invites her fellow Cornellians to visit her website at She also reports that Steve Schwartz and wife Melanie (Rebak) '90 had their second child, Reid, earlier this year. Susan Rosenblatt is now co-owner of Kindness Animal Hospital in Waltham, MA. She received her DVM from Tufts in '99 and says she is "deeply single," having thrown herself into her work at this point in her life. I have seven cats and one dog, so I appreciate any veterinarian who is dedicated. Susan Lipetz lets us know that after 14 years at Mercer, she has now moved to Siemens Corp. as director of compensation for the US.

Ina Kurcz left her job in August 2004. Since then, she says, she has had a "fabulous" time traveling and visiting friends in the US and Australia. She also says that she spent two weeks on the island of Molokai developing her new hobby of non-traditional watercolors. Ina tells us that classmate Liz Rosenfeld joined her for an adventure in Australia visiting Sydney, Cairns, and Cape Tribulation, and sailing in the Whitsunday Islands. This all sounds amazing! Karen Goodhart Hammerstone says she is enjoying being at home with her children Andrew, Sarah, and Jessica. She is teaching piano part-time, and husband Rick is a manager for a software company. Karen lets us know that Anne Marie Case lives in Wilton, CT, with her daughters Nicole and Sarah.

Lastly, Carolyn Ball writes to tell us that she and partner Maureen McLaughlin celebrated ten years together last December. Carolyn says, "I met Maureen post-Cornell, so nobody knows!" and asks, "Have you ever had a 'coming out' announcement in Class Notes?" Well, Carolyn, I can't speak for every correspondent for each class, but I can say it's a first for me. However, it is great news and I am sure everyone wishes you and your partner continued success and happiness in the future. Congratulations! Carolyn also notes that she is getting her third master's degree from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. Yes, Carolyn, it is time to stop now.

That brings me to the end of this edition of the notes. As always, I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. Keep the news coming to your friendly class correspondents. *Dave Smith,; Corinne Kuchling,; and Nina Rosen Peek,

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