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Cornell Class of 91
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Class of 1991 Officers

The following alumni from the Cornell Class of 1991 are serving a 5-year term, from June 2016 - June 2021, in the stated class officer roles.

Position Name
President Jana Pompadur Kierstead
Vice President Paul N. Hayre
Treasurer Ruby Pizzini
Reunion Chair Jeff Weintraub
Membership Chairs Kathryn Kraus Bolks
Joel Richard Stevens II
Class Correspondents Wendy Milks
Tim Vanini
Lori Ann Woodring
Cornell Annual Fund
Sharlyn Carter Heslam
Meredith Clark Shachoy
Nina Peek
Andrew Stifel
Class Council Members Felise Feingold
Karen Paul Zimmer
Thomas Greenberg
Angelica Allen-McMillan
Abbe Groffman
Kristin Hurley
Eric Rosario
Robyn Weintraub
Charles Wu
Dorine Colabella
Previous President Robert M. Baca
Roles & Responsibilities Descriptions of each class officer position
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