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Cornell Class of 91
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Stay in the loop!

Please don't forget to renew your ties to the class each year by supporting the Class of 1991 and paying your class dues.

You will need to know your new 7-digit Cornell ID#. If you do not know it, drop us an email and we'll forward it along promptly.

When you become a dues paying member, you are identifying yourself as a proud Cornellian who has a stake in the University's future.

Your class dues go a long way...

  • Supports Class of '91 mailings and publicity
  • Supports special class programs
  • Supports Reunion planning and events
  • Supports this web site
  • Supports Class of '91 networking efforts
  • Allows the class to sponsor regional events
  • Assists the Class of '91 in finding lost classmates
  • Provides the Class of '91 with more space in the Cornell Magazine for our class columns.
  • Assists the Class of '91 in staying in touch with you, so that you can find out what's happening with your classmates and Cornell.

What other benefits will I receive for paying my dues?

  • Full dues paying members receive a subscription to Cornell Alumni Magazine, bringing Cornell to your doorstep six times a year, keeping you up-to-date through the class column and articles on the latest campus happenings and alumni endeavors.
  • Paying your class dues also entitles you to these great rewards and discounts:
  • Strengthens your relationship with our classmates and the University

Here are the different options:

  • $55 - Regular Class Dues, includes subscription to Cornell Alumni Magazine.
  • $65 - Couples Dues (both Class of '91), includes one subscription to Cornell Alumni Magazine.
  • $40 - Couples Dues Only (both Class of '91), no subscription to Cornell Alumni Magazine.
  • $30 - Dues Only, no subscription to Cornell Alumni Magazine.

You can now pay your Class of 1991 dues through one of the following methods:

  1. Online Dues Payment: If you do not know your 'new' seven-digit student ID #, look for it above your name on your address label of any class mailing, call Alumni Affairs at 1-607-255-3021 during business hours, or drop us an email to obtain it. Note that paying by credit card automatically enrolls you in the annual Automatic Dues Renewal Program. If you prefer to opt-out of this program, just call 1-607-255-3021 and they can manually remove you from it.
  2. Pay your dues by check. Mail your check payable to the Cornell Class of 1991, Box 6582, Ithaca, NY 14851-6582.

What time period is my dues payment covering?

A class 'dues year' does not follow a calendar year. Instead, it is from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. So if you pay your dues in November, it only covers the time through June 30... not through to the following November. Each year, class dues request mailings are sent in the spring. Paying them prior to July 1 will provide you with an entire year as a dues-paying member of the class.

What is the difference between class dues and gifts?

Class dues are NOT gifts to Cornell itself and therefore do not count towards our Class's Reunion Campaign total. Dues are paid by our classmates to support specifically, the Class of 1991 in the ways outlined above. Most dues paying members also choose to receive a subscription to Cornell Alumni Magazine (this option is only available to dues-paying members).

A gift to the University is an investment in Cornell's future and does count toward our Reunion Campaign. Your gift is dedicated to providing the University with either restricted or unrestricted support, based on your choice. Restricted gifts are 'earmarked' for a specific purpose (e.g, campus organizations, colleges, departments, activites, sports, fraternities/sororities, etc.). Unrestricted support is provided to allow the University autonomy in how they utilize your gift to maintain and strengthen the University as a whole.

Are my dues (and gifts) tax deductible?

Yes, the cost of your class dues, excluding the cost of the Cornell Alumni Magazine (currently $29), are tax-deductible and constitute contributions to the Class of 1991. Additional gifts provided to the University, both restricted and unrestricted are tax deductible as well.