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Cornell Class of 91
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Class Notes, 2000 November/December

Happy Holidays from Boston! Of course, I am writing this on a (rare in New England this summer) hot day in August. I've also just returned from a summer trip to Florida. Given those two facts, I admit that turkey dinners and caroling seem very far off. As always, if any information is dated, please send updates. I only have a few columns left to write, and I'd like to make sure they are accurate. That is a hint that if any of you want to take over this position, give it some thought, as our Reunion is coming up in June! Jeff Weintraub, MD '95, writes, "Dorine and I are starting to get involved with the Reunion planning." He made me swear to tell you all that our tenth (yipes! ) Reunion is June 7-10, 2001. Bob Baca has put a lot of work into the class website. You can get all your Reunion information at If any of you have time to volunteer to help with Reunion planning/implementation please contact Jeff or Dorine.

On to the news! Alexander, PhD '96, and Amy Lawrence Flueck welcomed the arrival of their first baby, Ian Lawrence, born Nov. 21, '99. Ian shares his birthdate with fellow Cornellian baby Peter James Delmolino, son of Dominic Delmolino '90 and wife Wendy. This is especially bizarre as their fathers share a Jan. 9, '69 birth date. I know these guys and nothing surprises me, including this coincidence.

Kevin Covert e-mailed the following: "I'm writing to let you and our classmates know about a few fantastic events in my life. My wife Lesya gave birth to our son Timothy in Kiev, Ukraine, on Mar. 3, '00. He was born a Ukrainian, then we registered him at the US Embassy, and now he's the proud owner of a new US passport. So, he'll grow up with both nationalities close to his heart. There's nothing like having a kid to give you new perspective on life. In addition to that little bit o' news, my firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers (where I'm a privatization and capital markets development specialist) is moving us back to the States. We'll be arriving in Washington, DC, in June 2000, and now think we have a good chance of attending the 10th Reunion after four years in Ukraine. And maybe we'll finally catch an O's game! I also wanted to let everyone know that Dr. Cassius Drake married Jacqueline Jeremias in Jamaica, of all the romantic places in the world, on Apr. 22, '00. Congratulations! Cassius and Jackie will be moving to Houston soon, where Cassius has a new job in some fancy new-age medical clinic or something." Kevin, perhaps you don't get the box scores in the Ukraine, so let me warn you not to get too excited about seeing an Orioles game!

Thomas Bell e-mailed this: "I wanted to send in an update. I figured after nine years, it was about time. I spent four years in the Army ('91-95), most of it stationed in Panama, as a communications officer. After I left the Army in 1995, I started grad school at Stanford. I finished my MS in aeronautics in 1997 and my PhD in 1999. Along the way, I met and married Dr. (DDS) Natalie Parisi. Sadly, she's not a Cornell grad (oh, well, what can you do?). I'm working for a start-up ("IntegriNautics"), based in California, that's developing and marketing an automatic guidance system for farm tractors based on the Global Positioning System. A Cornell classmate, Dave Lawrence, also works for IntegriNautics. He's the brains behind the GPS software. Dave finished his PhD at Stanford (also in aeronautics) several years before I did. Though the company is in California, I actually work remotely from my home in Pennsylvania."

Now to the snail-mailers. Kelly Palumbo joined "Associates in Women's Health" as a private practice ob/gyn. She has 6-year-old son Jeremy and new daughter Kassandra, born January 15. Barbara Wilinsky is an assistant professor in the media arts department at the U. of Arizona. She married Sanford Selznick on July 9. It is great to hear from you, Barbara! Mike Gimbel has moved back to Pittsburgh where he will do his fellowship in surgery. Adam Fiterstein was married on June 18. Dr. Mike and Jordan Blackman were both there. Kimberley Best accepted a position at Mintz Levin as an immigration associate attorney in Boston. Richard Field started a software company called CST of America Inc., and recently visited Dave Campbell in upstate New York. Meredith Clark Shachoy is still working for Goldman Sachs Private Client Services in Boston. She finished her MBA at MIT's Sloan School of Management. Meredith had a baby girl, Brooke Harris, on February 15. Meredith also included several tidbits about other classmates. Here are a few.

Elizabeth Kuo is living in London, Jill Weisman is at L'Oreal in New York City, and Ellen Greenberg Zuniga is an account executive for Procter & Gamble in Boston. She finished her MBA at Yale. On June 3, Abbe Goldberg married Ross Groffman in Syracuse. Other Cornell alumni in attendance included Joe and Lisa Dell De Luca, Debi Reich Kleiman '79, Glenn Turell, Kenny Roban, Elizabeth Bunta Haussman and Ted '90, Erinn Greene Ryen, Karen Paul, MD '98, and Neil Einhorn.

Wendy Milks is a vice-president/account director for Kron Interactive in Boston. Maria Tillis Connor gave birth to baby girl Avery on May 31. Melisa Levitt is working at the Boston headquarters of Viant, an international Internet professional services firm. She is doing Web strategy consulting, building on her experience in planning for the website of Massachusetts General Hospital. Melisa completed her MBA and master's of health services administration at the U. of Michigan. Mike Reading, ME M '92, is working for in Lexington, MA, as a technology consultant. Sean Ryan, BS ILR '93, is principal and senior analyst in the Financial Services Group of Banc of America Securities LLC. He was previously a bank analyst for Bear Stearns in New York. Thatcher Brown married Jennifer Doubleday on May 30 at the Amelia Plantation Chapel on Amelia Island in Florida. Thatcher is the director of marketing for the US and Mexico for Fairmont Hotels and Resorts in San Francisco. William Wechsler married Helaine Klasky on April 9. He coordinates policies on money laundering at the United States Treasury Department.

Internationally, Paul Warkentin is "taking a break from architecture to be a supply chain consultant with Aspen Technology in Wiesbaden, Germany." Hui-Hsin Liu, MPS HA '91, is an operations manager for Zoomscape Co. Ltd. in Taiwan. She gave birth to daughter Chung-Yi on March 13. Chris Stuebner is working for Telcordia Technologies in the Czech Republic. She handles technical sales for central Europe, Scandinavia, and Benelux. Back in the States, Sebastian Ciancio is now chief resident in urology at Baylor.

Darin Feldman, wife Beth, and their daughter Rebecca visited us in July. We spent the day at Fenway Park watching our beloved Mets lose to the Red Sox. Darin is still working at Standard and Poors. I had dinner and did a lot of reminiscing with Michele Fox back in July as well. She is a physical therapist and still finds time to swim. Tony Cristaldi visited the Boston area in July and stopped in to say hello. Tony is a senior forecaster for the National Weather Service in Melbourne, FL. He recently built a house and is doing great! We talked for hours about, what else, the weather. My son Conor turned 3 on August 2. The biggest news from me is saved for last. On June 15, our second son, Jacob Arturo was born. He is incredibly long and rarely stops smiling. He has already been to Fenway, Santa's Village, Storyland, and Florida! Conor loves him, but doesn't realize his own strength sometimes. Have a Happy New Year! Until next time.--Kevin Lemanowicz, 25 Fox Dr., Dedham, MA 02027; e-mail,; Linda Moerck-Cisz, 2 Susan Dr., Ft. Salonga, NY 11768; e-mail,

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